How To Use A Magnesium Fire Starter


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Magnesium fire starters make a wonderful addition to a survival kit and they are pretty easy to use.  One of the wonderful advantages to them is that you commonly have a huge quantity of material to function with and they can be utilized more than and more than once more.  Magnesium fire starters do burn for a quick period of time, but they burn at incredibly higher temperatures.  Typically a magnesium fire starter can be acquired for as small as two or 3 dollars and up to ten to twelve dollars or  more.

There is also a distinction in good quality, you commonly get what you spend for as some function far better than other people.  The softer the magnesium and the additional pure it is, the far better it will commonly function.  The brand I utilized in the video under is known as the “Survivor Fire Starter” it can be discovered at  Watch the video under to see how I propose working with a magnesium fire starter to get your fire going.

How To Use A Magnesium Fire Starter

What Fire Starters Do You Use In Your Survival &amp Camping Gear?

Magnesium Fire Starter 2

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