Shrooming by way of the woods and Tracker test.


The days load out…


I stopped for lunch and some expertise practice.

It had rained and I wanted to test my primitive tracker in a survival form situation. The simulation is if I just had wet hardwoods to construct a fire with the help of a semi primitive ignition supply….in other words ability and experiment testing time. No birch bark, no dried grass, no matches, no ferro rod.

Began chopping up some soggy, dead, downed maple off the forest floor.




For not becoming incredibly large, the knife chopped nicely. Properly sufficient that it did not take as well lengthy and retain in thoughts this is dried maple so it is quite really hard. This about the diameter of tree I would opt for for a sturdy shelter if I had to construct a single as well.

I am not a single to batton a great deal but the wood was wet and I need to have a dry section…plus we all know the only accurate test of a knife is becoming capable to baton by way of wood and chop cinder blocks. Time to do the splits…

So right after I pulled my groin carrying out the splits, I went about battoning the wood.


It blew by way of the knots.




I am quite a great deal a Tracker knife virgin at this point so I am nonetheless finding out the bases. Just after a couple of attempts I began to get the hang of generating the curls with the quarter round.





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