1st Focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane Explained in Plain English


In this post I’m going to break down Anything you require to know about initial focal plane and second focal plane.

What they are.

The pros and cons.

And which one particular you really should pick.

Let’s dive appropriate in.

What is a 1st Focal Plane

A initial focal plane scope indicates that the reticle is placed in front of the magnification lens. As a outcome, the scope’s reticle size modifications as you shift by way of magnification.

Here’s an instance:

1st Focal Plane instance (Image through Tacticalclassroom)

The greatest advantage of utilizing a FFP rifle scope is that the holdover points stay the identical all through all magnifications.

For instance, the eight MOA line is at eight MOA on the highest setting, the lowest setting and every little thing in amongst. This tends to make FFP rifle scopes — like the most effective scope for AR-10 — wonderful for extended-variety shooting.

On the other hand, there are two draw backs:

1st, FFP reticles could seem significant and thick at larger magnifications, although modest and thin at reduced magnifications. This could make it a bit tougher to see your target.

Second, initial focal plane scopes are frequently a lot more high priced than a second focal plane scope. Speaking of SFP scopes…

What is a Second Focal Plane

A second focal plane scope indicates that the reticle is placed behind the magnification lens. That indicates the scope’s reticle size remains the identical as you shift by way of magnification.

Here’s an instance:

Second Focal Plane instance (Image through Tacticalclassroom)

As opposed to FFP rifle scopes exactly where the reticle could be a bit challenging to see at occasions, SFP reticles are effortless-to-see at all magnifications.

On the other hand, spacing for holdover becomes problematic. Typically, subtensions will only be precise at one particular magnification (generally the highest). So if you move any significantly less than the highest magnification, the spacing for holdover modifications.

As a outcome, you’d have to calculate the spacing for every energy settings.

Now that we’ve outlined each initial focal plane and second focal plane, you may possibly be wondering…

Which Focal Plane Should really I Decide on?

Here’s the super uncomplicated answer:

If you are a extended-variety shooter or hunt in open nation, go for a initial focal plane optic.

Otherwise, opt-in for a second focal plane scope. The reticle is a lot more useable at reduced magnifications, less expensive and a lot more common.

Now Its Your Turn

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What’s your expertise with FFP and SFP scopes?

Or possibly you have a query.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment under appropriate now.

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