’90s The North Face Is Back, But With a New Eco Story


The North Face jackets have been all the rage in the 1990s. Now, the iconic models are back with a concentrate on sustainability.

Ah, the ’90s. You could hear Pearl Jam’s “Ten” echoing out of college dorm rooms. Flannel was in. Baggy pants and Rollerblades ruled the sidewalks. And, at least for the early aspect of the decade, just about no one had a cellphone.

And in the midst of this nascent era of tech (raise your hand if you got your initial e-mail address in the ’90s!), particularly in cold climates like exactly where I lived at the University of Minnesota, a ubiquitous style emerged: The North Face jackets.


It seemed like The North Face came out of nowhere in the 1990s. The puffy jacket roared onto the scene as premium cold-climate survival gear, and even in cities, you’d see the brand everywhere.

But the old TNF jackets missed the mark in a way no one was speaking about back in the ’90s. They utilized fresh raw supplies and had no eye toward sustainability.

Quickly forward 25ish years and The North Face is revamping this iconic line with a clearer eye to the future.

The North Face Eco Heritage Collection

This week, The North Face drops the Eco Heritage Collection. The collection comprises 3 jacket designs that have been cornerstones of the brand’s lineup: the Eco Nuptse Jacket ($249), Eco Nuptse Vest ($179), and Eco Mountain Jacket ($279).

If you, like me, occurred to reside by means of the ’90s, you will bear in mind these designs. All models are offered for each males and girls.


The Eco Nuptse Jacket and Eco Nuptse Vest have been legit mountaineering pieces. They reached lots of of the world’s summits just before blowing up on the street scene. Today’s relaunch is really equivalent but now has 600-fill recycled goose down and recycled polyester to build much less of an effect on our planet.

TNF claims that employing recycled supplies in this line — rather than the option — is akin to taking 955 vehicles off the road for a year or removing 196,344 bags of trash from the landfill.


The Eco Mountain Jacket was introduced as a shell jacket. Today’s relaunch makes use of recycled fabric only. It is a totally waterproof shell thanks to TNF’s proprietary laminate material.

And the brand claims the recycled nature of this fabric reduces the environmental effect “equivalent to driving about the planet 1,000 instances.”

So if you are hunting for a fast blast from the previous and do not have 1 of these old coats in your closet, TNF has a fresh, far more sustainable choice. From what we’ve observed, ’90s style is rebounding.

And whilst we’d say Jerry Seinfeld can maintain his mom jeans, a lot of persons will love hopping back on the TNF puffy train.


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