Arctic Sea Ice Increasing, four,293,000 Km2


Yesterday’s rctic sea ice reading pegged the extent at four,293,000 square kilometers of Arctic sea ice. In addition a majority of sources have the extent increasing, which means the winter melt really should be in progress,. The imply turnaround date is September 13, so the freeze is a bit early this year.

Although the etent is practically nothing to create letters house about, this souce appears to take into account only regions above 80 degrees north, and even a strong freeeze upp would not be most likely to bring on cheers. Previous changeovers have not had massive amounts of soot and fly ash melting the ice, so that is sufficient to make catch solar heat and slow the freeze up down.

As you could count on from that final statement, you can be positive that the melt will be substantial.

I will have much more when the jtrends when the freeze up has progressed far sufficient to recognize a trend if you see it.


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