Clearly Filtered Canteen Assessment


Clearly Filtered Canteen

The Clearly Filtered Canteen is a sweet small solution that is out there for buy at www.ClearlyFiltered.Com.  The Clearly Filtered Canteen is a quite cool and revolutionary solution and it will function effectively for numerous readers particularly these who currently have a bunch of older military surplus gear.  This canteen will match inside of the normal 1 quart GI Canteen cup and canteen holder.  So it is a rapid and simple drop in replacement for the normal challenge GI Canteen.  However, the clear large advantage is that you no longer need to have to don’t forget water purification tablets or bleach!  Why? Mainly because the Clearly Filtered Canteen has an EPA authorized water filter constructed ideal into it.  You can take water from fairly considerably any outside fresh ground water supply and place it straight into the canteen without having performing a issue to it.  Then just squeeze the water out into your mouth or container and it is filtered and secure to drink!  Check out the video beneath for the complete specifications and to see how effectively the Clearly Filtered Canteen functions!

Clearly Filtered Canteen & GI Canteen Cup

Clearly Filtered Canteen Field Assessment Video

What Water Filtration Method Do You Have In Your Survival Gear?

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