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Just a thing to be conscious of. 90 degree corners come to an infinitely modest point. You could not be capable to see it with the naked eye? But it is there. 

And that sharp 90 degree turn creates a thing guys smarter then me get in touch with a, “stress riser”. Meaning…as recoil impulses flow by way of the slide, they can peak at that 90 degree juncture. Which in some situations, on a micro-level, types a crack. 

Don't cut 90 degree corners in your slide.

OEM Glock 34 slide. Notice the slide reduce window is really rounded at the corners? That is on goal.

As soon as that crack begins, it is probably to spread. And left to run lengthy sufficient? Can lead to a considerable failure as the crack migrates across the aspect. 

“But Marky, X gun has ninety degree cuts from the factory”. Yes, that could be correct. And these identical cuts have been place there by engineers, who are covered by their companies’s OEM liability insurance coverage, which is also backed up by some type of restricted or complete warranty. 

Don't cut 90 degree corners in your slide.

I think this is a VP9 slide. Notice the window corners are also rounded. On Goal? Or possibly just fortunate? Regardless, that is preferred.

All I am saying is there are a lot of “custom” handguns floating about with unqualified and untested mods that do lead to cracks. If you have 1 of these pistols, but place a lot more miles on your auto than rounds by way of your gun more than any 12 month period? Your gun will possibly be fine. 

Or it could not?





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