Paramedic Josh drops into the studio to share genuine-planet emergency medicine expertise, gear speak, and ideas on becoming the medic of your prepper household.

Emergency medicine is a huge hairy subject for most preppers. As quickly as you take your initial 1st Help and CPR class you comprehend how significantly you do not know. Worse but, you most likely completed the class feeling as although you are not ready for something series. Most low-level health-related classes are not gear towards preparing you for when emergency solutions are not obtainable, right after all. (Except CERT, they do a decent job of examining grid-down situation to some degree.)

This deficit can typically leave contemporary survivalists questioning what they have to have to find out, exactly where to find out it, and what gear they Seriously have to have to be powerful. We cover that in this episode…

Emergency Medicine and Becoming a Prepper Medic:

  • What level of competency is affordable for the typical prepper?

  • Realistically, what type of injuries must we be ready to treat?

  • What must we educate ourselves on and what are the standard supplies somebody could reasonably stroll about with for dealing with trauma such as bullet wounds?

  • The diverse levels and needs for emergency medicine.
  • Constructing a strong EDC health-related kit.
  • What gear and supplies must a dwelling initial help kit consist of?
  • What are educational sources must preppers pursue?

  • How your existing state of overall health could fitness can support or hurt you in a grid-down situation