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I met Dana Sacia at SHOT Show in Las Vegas final January, and listened to her as she enthusiastically described her new company. It is named H4C, aka Hunting4Connections. Because she not too long ago launched the service in July, I figured it is time to verify in with Dana about this on line dating website, tailored to folks who really like the outdoors.

The WON: What is H4C about?

Dana Sacia: Hunting4Connections (H4C) is an on line dating and friending website for folks who reside an outside life style that want to connect with other outside enthusiasts. 

The WON: How did you get this notion?

Dana Sacia: I had a genuine calling for close to a year prior to coming up with the notion. Through that time, I knew I was becoming pulled to build a new company I just didn’t know what it was. I knew I required to be carrying out some thing that helped folks on a a lot larger scale. I continued to pray for the answer. Becoming an avid outdoorsman myself,  I was finding back-to-back messages from folks questioning if I had any other single close friends, cousins, or sisters that also enjoyed the outdoors? Becoming a recruiter by day, I match like-minded candidates with potential customers. It got me pondering about the energy of connections and the magic that can take place when you bring like-minded folks with each other. I combined that notion with my really like for hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors the notion for a dating website that connected outside enthusiasts had been born. I knew it could be an chance for me to support other folks on a larger scale and, to market wholesome relationships. I began carrying out investigation and discovered that there weren’t any other key players in this space, but immediately realized there have been a lot of folks that wanted 1. I took the notion to my children and they supported it, agreeing that a lot of constructive factors could come from it. We sat down and believed about what we would do if we had an chance to give back. All three of us had related concepts and they all involved the outdoors. We decided to unite as a family members and build a company that would strive to support other folks, give back, and make a distinction. We are hopeful the website will encourage much more people to attempt new activities and hopefully uncover a new passion, hobby, or really like along the way.

Hunting4Connections jetski H4C

The WON: Why do you believe this service will be helpful? 

Dana Sacia: We think it will be helpful for many motives:

  • Most relationships are began in a bar or primarily based on initial sexual chemistry. Despite the fact that chemistry is crucial, we want to show the value of building a powerful foundation of friendship very first. There is no greater spot to do that than finding to know somebody in the outdoors and sharing your passions with each other.
  • It will permit folks to match, primarily based on shared passions versus appears and material options.
  • We are hopeful that when liked-minded folks connect, it will encourage much more folks to attempt new activities and come to be much more active in the outdoors.
  • This website will be helpful mainly because it will give couples a larger % of meeting the ideal particular person more quickly. No much more weeding via 1000 matches of folks that do not recognize your life style.
  • It offers a platform for folks who just want to connect as close friends or uncover an activity companion.
  • Offering a token platform fills a gap to attain nonpaying members, opening much more adjustments to connect with somebody that may well have been overlooked mainly because he or she didn’t have a subscription at that time.
  • Customers will no longer really feel like a tadpole in the ocean. They will be surrounded by other folks that also really like the wonderful outdoors.

The WON: What is it like functioning with your sons? 

Dana Sacia: The three of us have generally been close and shared an entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a need to give back and support other folks. This procedure has been an chance of development individually and as a family members. We are like each and every other family members we agree and disagree on specific factors.  We have all had locations we required to strengthen on and find out. It is been rewarding, as a mother, to see levels of commitment becoming held and visions taking shape. All round, we’re proud to be a family members-owned company and excited to market some thing we’re all so passionate about. 

Dana with her sons Justin and Jaden

The WON: Why do you believe this is an crucial service to supply?

Dana Sacia: I believe it is crucial mainly because so quite a few of the dating apps these days lead with the “Sex Sells” strategy. That may well be accurate in some instances, but we all know that severe relationships need much more than just sexual chemistry. We are attempting to lead the way for like-minded folks who take pleasure in outside lifestyles. Constructing a neighborhood of folks that all share a life style is only going to support the user. It will support them save time and emotional power – by not possessing to weed via hundreds of profiles to only uncover they do not match with any of them. In addition, folks who really like the outdoors know if they come to be single, they will not date somebody who does not assistance their hobbies and passions. We reside a distinct life style and we recognize it is not negotiable. Each wholesome connection will have to share some hobbies in widespread, so they can construct on the friendship piece of the union. This is an crucial service mainly because it offers folks the safe feeling of figuring out they are surrounded by their type of folks.

Hunting4Connections hiking H4C

The WON: Have you ever played matchmaker?

Dana Sacia: I have been playing matchmaker for the previous 16 years, when I began my personal recruiting company in the monetary solutions sector. I am hired by my customers to match them with candidates. On a individual side, I have generally been the go-to particular person for folks struggling in their relationships or dates. I have an uncomplicated way of seeing each sides and have a tendency to supply sound meaningful guidance. I can be in a space complete of 100 strangers and the 1 particular person who is possessing connection problems will uncover a way to unconsciously uncover me. I take pleasure in it and generally welcome an chance to support. 

The WON: How do you strategy to market the company?

Dana Sacia: Becoming a self-funded new company can be somewhat difficult when it comes to advertising and marketing and spreading the word straight out of the gate. As a company, we also are “hunting four connections,” no pun intended, and carrying out as a lot organic attain as we can via social media. 

I began a hunting and fishing Facebook group named “Hunting4Connections” three years ago, which has grown to more than 25,000 active members. They have been supportive and useful. In addition, as a dating website you will need permission to promote on Facebook and our application has been declined.  We can only assume it is mainly because we have the word hunting in our firm name. We are hopeful to transform that outcome.  We flew to Utah and did a promotional launch video with the owner of Reflections Media, Jeff Jensen. We have contracted with The Michael Koolidge Radio Show in Illinois and are excited to see the outcome from that work. We have partnered with other wonderful organizations, such as Tactacam, Hiding Hilda, Stroll on Archery, Snowy Ridge Metal Art, Harpole’s Heartland Lodge and four Amigos Ranch.

As soon as we come to be a paid service, we will be placing much more revenue back into advertising and marketing. The service at present is giving 100 totally free tokens, which permits for communicating for totally free till the tokens run out and then it becomes a paid membership. It is $19.97 for 1 month, $39.97 for three months and $59.97 for six months. Our development strategy is to market place state-by-state, in hopes to fill the database 1 region at a time.  Our vision is to support much more folks by focusing on distinct geographic locations.  Our objective is to connect with as quite a few bloggers, writers, newspapers, magazines and podcasts as achievable to support us spread the word. 

The WON: What tends to make you greater than your competitors?

Dana Sacia: H4C produced special matching queries to support match folks, primarily based on their outside hobbies and passions. We are special mainly because we concentrate on a distinct niche market place and we’re not attempting to dominate the complete population. We want folks who reside an outside life style to really feel at house on our website – a spot that they know they belong mainly because the folks there are like them. We also are the very first outside dating website that will give back to the outside neighborhood. Our token program offers a special practical experience, opening up yet another way to connect with folks. Our upcoming options will be some thing the dating space is not utilised to, but will supply a new user practical experience. We appear forward to announcing that function release in the future.

The WON: Have your company lessons helped you shape this new venture?

Dana Sacia: I discovered a couple of quite company crucial lessons that went into forming H4C. The very first lesson came from functioning at a firm that attempted to specialize in each and every market place. You cannot be an specialist in each and every region, mainly because you serve no actual worth to your clients if you are attempting to serve absolutely everyone. I saw it wasn’t functioning and picked 1 sector and went out on my personal and turned it into a profitable company by just attempting to serve 1 niche sector. I knew if I could come to be an specialist in 1 region, I could supply a genuine resolution to folks in will need in that 1 dominant market place. It was an crucial lesson I discovered along the way. Niche markets are essential!

The other lesson I discovered was the energy of connecting liked-minded folks. So quite a few doors and possibilities can be opened and lives can transform for the greater when you are surrounded by folks who share your interests.

Combining these two crucial lessons permitted me to recognize the worth of why a niche-primarily based website was so crucial. Our objective is to serve the market place we know most effective and serve it to the most effective of our capacity. I have generally believed if your intentions are genuine and you are carrying out the ideal point, you can in no way go incorrect. 

Hunting4Connections ATV H4C

The Won: You pointed out providing back? How will you do this?

Dana Sacia: Providing back is 1 of the primary motives we felt so compelled to push forward with this company. As soon as the website is lucrative, we will be donating a piece of every member’s paid subscription back to an outside or nonprofit of the member’s decision. In addition, I set a objective when I was 19 to construct a domestic abuse secure residence to honor my mother’s struggles with domestic violence. Just after a toxic marriage and divorce, I knew 1 Domestic Abuse Secure Property wasn’t adequate for the quantity of folks my heart feels named to support. I am now on a mission to construct 1 in each and every state in the US.  The boys and I knew we required some thing constructive to come from a adverse life obstacle. This is partially why advertising wholesome relationships is so quite crucial to us.  

I’m a firm believer in setting higher targets – some as higher as a mountain. Each step up the huge mountain gets you 1 step closer to the finish objective. We proudly take 1 step a day mainly because we know that no one ever climbed a mountain by searching at it.

We are committed to this company and appear forward to the constructive effect it will build.

The WON: What else really should we know about Hunting4Connections?

Dana Sacia: Every particular person that indicators up prior to the finish of the year that creates a profile and uploads a image will be entered into a drawing to win a five-day, four-evening romantic getaway at the attractive Harpole’s Heartland Lodge in Illinois. We will be providing away a signed shotgun from Patrick Flanigan, 9-time globe champion expedition shooter. In addition, in 2020 we will have other particular giveaways, like many hunts, fishing trips, as nicely as a Redneck Adventure weekend getaway. We have a lot of wonderful factors planned for the future and welcome absolutely everyone to stick to up on Facebook and Instagram and remain tuned for the upcoming giveaways. 

Check out Hunting4Connections on line right here.

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