How To Survive When The Storm Hits


By now most persons who reside in hurricane zones know that they have to have to have a provide of emergency water and meals stockpiled (irrespective of whether they truly stockpile this is a further matter).

Even so, when speaking about hurricane preparedness, a lot of essentials get totally overlooked.

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Truth: You Are not As Ready As You Feel

Numerous persons of coastal towns assume that they have performed a very good job of preparing for a hurricane. But, in reality, they typically haven’t performed a lot more than stock up some non-perishable foods.

Unless you program on producing a floatation device out of your boxes of Cheerios, this is not going to save your life!

Disaster organizing demands a multifaceted strategy. If you want to truly be prepared to survive a hurricane, then you have to have to ask oneself queries like:

  • How will my loved ones and I evacuate? Exactly where will we go?
  • What will we consume and drink for the duration of and right after the hurricane?
  • How will we go to the bathroom? (the plumbing will not be operating for the duration of a flood!)
  • How will we treat injuries?
  • How will we remain clean?
  • How will we spend for cleanup and restoration right after the hurricane?

If you cannot answer all of these queries, then you are not ready to survive a hurricane!

Truth: Most Hurricane Deaths Take place Are Avoidable

Even even though hurricane winds are above 74 mph, it is not the wind which kills most persons. It is not even drowning which kills most persons.

The majority of deaths from hurricanes take place mainly because persons did some thing careless.

Or they did some thing downright stupid. Like taking a “walk” to the coast to see how massive the waves are.

For instance, for the duration of Hurricane Sandy, eight% of deaths had been due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This occurred when persons employed generators in their properties, but with out appropriate venting or a carbon monoxide detector. Use of propane heaters and lamps can also result in carbon monoxide.

Some typical “careless” causes of death in the aftermath of hurricanes include things like:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Electrocution from touching downed energy lines
  • Drowning in auto mainly because attempted to drive via flood water
  • Falling off roofs for the duration of cleanup

How to Survive a Hurricane: What You Need to Do

FEMA has a decent guide on what to do to survive a hurricane. Even so, right here is the a lot more in-depth guide on how to survive a hurricane so you can be prepared.

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Preparation Actions just before the Hurricane

  1. Stockpile emergency meals and water
  2. Stockpile emergency supplies
  3. Collect evacuation documents
  4. Make an evacuation bag
  5. Discover how to turn off the gas, electrical energy and water safely (and teach every person on the loved ones)
  6. Produce an emergency communication program with your loved ones
  7. Produce an evacuation program (program exactly where you will go and map out routes)
  8. Get a generator and understand how to use it safely
  9. Get hurricane insurance coverage if you can afford it
  10. Set up a flood water pump
  11. Place gear larger up in your property (such as moving breakers from the basement to the initially floor)
  12. Reinforce your doors and latches
  13. Set up wooden storm shutters on windows
  14. Set up sturdier shingles on roofs
  15. Get an reputable inflatable raft and life jackets

Actions When a Hurricane Watch is in Location

  1. Bring in all outside furnishings
  2. Verify your survival supplies. Fill up a lot more water if you have to have to.
  3. Listen to the news of the hurricane.

Actions When Hurricane Warning is in Location

  1. Evacuate! Do NOT wait till it is as well late. And do not wait till an evacuation order has been issued. By then, the site visitors will be quite negative.
  2. Board up windows and doors with plywood. Tape will not shield windows.
  3. If you can not evacuate, then get into a protected space in the property.
  4. Turn off the electrical energy and gas at the mains.
  5. Do not appear out windows or go outdoors
  6. Do not drive. If you will have to drive, do not drive via water. Just six inches of water can carry away a automobile.
  7. Do not use candles or unprotected flames for the duration of the hurricane

Actions Just after the Hurricane Has Passed

  1. Do not exit till authorities say the threat is more than. The sudden calm may well just be the eye of the storm.
  2. Remain out of rooms which could be hit by falling branches
  3. Do not drink water with out sanitizing it initially. Sanitation facilities do not operate for the duration of energy outages. Listen to hear if “boil alerts” are in location. Study how to purify water.
  4. Use text messages only to speak to loved ones. Do not tie up the telephone lines as these are required for emergency calls.
  5. Do not stroll via flood water in your property. Numerous drowning deaths take place from slip-and-fall accidents.
  6. Do not stroll via flood water outdoors. It is typically contaminated with sewage, or may perhaps be electrified from downed energy lines.
  7. Do not carry out any repairs unless you are 100% you can do it safely.

Additional Strategies and Information

Right here are some ideas to enable you survive a hurricane that you completely will have to know, but they likely forgot to warn you about!

1. There Will Be S*it Everywhere

Hurricanes bring flooding.  Flooding suggests water therapy centers overflow.  That suggests SEWAGE overflows into the streets.

Sewage is not just disgusting.  It is unsafe.  The dirty flood water brings about bacterial, viral, parasitic, and mold-associated ailments. The flood water can also lead to vector-borne ailments from mosquitos.

Study a lot more about how to prepare for flooding.

Some Strategies:

  • Have sufficient supplies stockpiled so you do not have to leave your property till the sewage recedes.
  • Get a sump pump for your basement to protect against sewage flooding, and a battery backup for it.
  • Have an emergency bucket toilet prepared.
  • GET WATERPROOF WADERS! (Amazon Hyperlink) If you have to stroll via flood water, at least you will not be straight in speak to with the raw sewage floating there.

two. You will Have to have Tools and Wood in with Your Hurricane Supplies

You are supposed to board up your windows for the duration of a hurricane to protect against them from breaking.  So, definitely, you must have the suggests to board them up!

Do not make the error of maintaining your tools and wood someplace inaccessible for the duration of the hurricane.  Likewise, do not wait as well extended to board up these windows.

Yeah, the nails may well harm your walls – but it is improved than dealing with broken glass and rainwater all all through your property.

three. You will Have to have Additional Water than You Feel

I suggest that you attempt performing a “No Operating Water” drill to see how considerably water you truly go via. Because most of us are not employed to going with out water, we finish up applying a LOT of water for very simple tasks like washing our hands or cooking.

Even if you are very good at conserving water, it is nonetheless improved to aim for a 30 day provide of emergency water.  This will retain you covered in case the hurricane aftermath is specifically negative.

Just after all, do you truly want to stand in line with the masses for water handouts from FEMA?

Encouraged Reading: Lengthy Term Emergency Water Storage

four. Have a Communication Strategy, For the reason that Your Cell Phones Possibly Will not Be Functioning

Through emergencies like organic disasters, persons get in touch with their loved ones.  This benefits in a “mass get in touch with occasion.” The cell telephone networks are not in a position to deal with the overload and calls cannot get via.

That is assuming that the cell networks are even operating.  A significant disaster could place the networks down totally.

Make certain you have a way of communicating with your loved ones in case the hurricane strikes when you are not at property.

Here’s an short article on How to Make a Loved ones Emergency Communication Strategy.

five. Hold Money, For the reason that ATMS Will Be Down

In a significant SHTF disaster, money would promptly grow to be worthless.  But this is not the case with hurricanes.

Revenue nonetheless reigns supreme right after a hurricane and persons charge insane amounts of funds for issues like water, meals, batteries, and other supplies.

Hopefully you have performed a very good job of prepping for the hurricane so you do not have to have to purchase something.  Even so, have some money at property anyway.  You may well have to have it to evacuate, and the ATMs will most likely have currently been emptied.

six. Do not Use Candles!

Candles may well look like a very good off grid lighting solution for when the energy goes out for the duration of a hurricane, but applying an open flame for light is a truly negative thought.

As an alternative, get oneself some hand crank flashlights (preferably waterproof ones).  Headlamps are also truly terrific as they cost-free up your hands.

Attempt going to the bathroom in the dark though holding a flashlight and you will comprehend why!

If you will have to use candles, then stick to these hurricane candle security ideas.

7. Backup Your Documents

This is one particular of the most typically-forgotten components of disaster organizing!  You completely will have to have copies of your very important documents prepared.

One particular solution is to place copies of your documents on an encrypted USB drive.  But this will not be worth crap if the USB drive ends up in a flood of dirty hurricane water.

So, it is improved to retain documents in a waterproof protected and fireproof document bag or retain copies on the cloud.

eight. Get Matching Outfits for Your Loved ones

This is not so you will appear cute with each other.  Rather, if you will have to evacuate, these matching outfits will make it much easier for you all to remain with each other amongst the crowds.

Opt for vibrant colors, like vibrant red matching raincoats or lime green baseball caps.

9. Hold an Axe and Lifeboat on the Upper Floor of Your Household

In the Primal Survivor Facebook group, a lady not too long ago told me a story that emphasizes how critical this is.

A friend’s husband marked in chalk on the ceiling exactly where to reduce via the roof in case they required to evacuate.  Everybody mentioned he was paranoid and nuts.

Then Hurricane Katrina occurred.

If it hadn’t been for his chalk marks, they each would have drowned in their personal property!  The lesson is that you have to have to have a way to escape onto your roof.

So retain an axe and inflatable lifeboat (Amazon Hyperlinks) on the upper floor of your property.  You may well also look at installing a hurricane escape hatch.

There are a handful of businesses which manufacture and set up them but you could also have a common contractor do it as well.

hurricane escape hatch in roof

10. Have Your Bug Out Bag Packed and Be Prepared to GO!

If there is one particular significant lesson we can understand from previous hurricanes and disasters, it is this:

Do not Wait Till the Authorities Inform You To Evacuate!

By then, it may well be as well late.  The roads will be crowded, and the danger may perhaps be currently as well close.  So make a program on exactly where you will go, and be prepared to take action so you do not get caught in the storm!

What other hurricane preparedness ideas can you add? Let us know in the comments.


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