Looting and Pillaging right after a Disaster


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As the death toll from Hurricane Dorian continues to rise in the Bahamas, the residents are suffering from widespread chaos.

Looting and Pillaging

Reports indicate that individuals are beginning to panic as they have no meals or water obtainable. It is undesirable adequate that they have to deal with losing their houses, lack of water or meals, they now have to contend with looting.  According to this report from The Day-to-day Mail,

“…looters are attempting to shoot individuals in the scramble to get meals and water.

Reports indicated militias have formed to combat looters.

Further safety has been deployed with witnesses seeing residents breaking into liquor retailers and supermarkets, carrying off goods in bags or filling their autos. Neighborhood militias have been formed to clamp down on the widespread looting.”

Lack of sanitation is now also a dilemma. As the hurricane left enormous destruction in infrastructure, the residents have nowhere to go other than evacuate. Regrettably, it is a slow procedure as thousands of individuals are attempting to flee and there is only restricted transportation.

What disasters are threats in your region?

We are witnessing that points can rapidly turn into lawlessness in the aftermath of a major disaster.  Even if you do not prepare for something else, prepare for the most most likely threats in your region.

Have a backup strategy for evacuating if you have to.  You may well also want a way to guard oneself from looters.

There is an old saying “We are only nine meals away from anarchy.” Tragically, the scenario building in the Bahamas is proving that it is correct.

We pray for everybody suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.


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