OneTigris Black Orca LITE Roamer UL 55L+5L Backpack Evaluation


The OneTigris Black Orca LITE Roamer UL 55L+5L Backpack is a fairly fantastic worth for $80, offered it fits you and you are prepared to make a couple of compact mods to it. Weighing 38.eight oz (two lbs six.eight oz), it is an internal frame roll-prime backpack that can be utilised for thru-hiking and multi-day backpacking trips. This is not a knock-off copy of some other company’s intellectual home but an original style. The a single point you have to recognize about this pack is that it is sized for persons with a 19″ torso length up to 22″. The pack is only offered in this size variety, at present.

Specs at a Glance

  • Material: 420D Ripstop Nylon
  • Dimensions: 35.4”(L)*11.8”(W)*7.8”(D)/90cm*30cm*20cm
  • Volume: 55L+5L (to prime of the extension collar)
  • Weight: 38.eight oz/1100 g (confirmed)
  • Frame: Internal aluminum
  • Gender: Unisex w/S-shaped shoulder straps
  • Torso Length: 19-22″ (my recommendation)
  • Sizing: OneTigris claims the pack is appropriate for persons roughly 5’7″ and 6’3″ in height, but I recommend you stick with my torso length recommendation alternatively.
  • Pockets: 7, plus primary
  • Hydration compatible: (yes, but no hydration pocket or hooks)
  • Bear canister compatible: Vertical inside, or horizontal on prime
  • Max suggested load: 25-30 lbs

Backpack Storage and Organization

The Black Orca Roamer UL 55L+5L  Backpack is organized like a standard ultralight style roll-prime backpack pack with two side water bottle pockets, a front mesh pocket, two substantial hip belt pockets, and substantial primary compartment.

The Lite Roamer UL is configured like an ultralight-style pack

The Roamer UL also has a single further open pocket, accessed above the front mesh pocket which I’ve under no circumstances observed on a pack ahead of. It is fairly helpful and tends to make a fantastic location to retailer a rain cover, hats, gloves, or snacks separate from wet things in the mesh pocket under it. It is 10.75 inches deep and eight inches wide. Regrettably, it also necessitates the use of a rain cover in wet climates to protect against water from collecting inside it and leaking into the primary compartment.

The Roamer LITE has an further open pocket above its front mesh pocket (see orange wind shirt.)

Whilst the side water bottle pockets are reachable even though wearing the pack, they’re ideal utilised for storing 1L Nalgene bottles alternatively of a taller soda or Smartwater bottles. The tops of the pockets have an elastic cord that could tighten to hold a taller bottle, but the cord locks are as well substantial for the elastic cord size utilised and do not hold any tension. You could make them powerful merely by replacing the cord locks with a single sized for smaller sized diameter cord.

The base of the pack has a drainage hole that you will possibly want to seal up if you hike in wet nation. In any case, I’d nevertheless suggest lining the pack with a plastic bag.

The primary compartment does not have a hydration pocket or a hook to hang a bladder, but it does have a left and proper hydration ports. The prime of the extension collar has a fabric stiffener to make it less complicated to folder more than. The ends of the roll-prime can connect with every single other on prime of the pack or to buckles at the finish of webbing straps along the pack’s sides.

Two cords loop more than the prime of the pack and can be utilised to lash further gear to its prime, such as a foam pad or even a bear canister. The most safe way to carry a canister is to crisscross the cords. I’d nevertheless be tempted to add a webbing strap to loop more than the middle of a canister, to add a bit extra safety, which is a mod a single could make with some minor sewing.

The prime cords can also be utilised to lash a bear canister to the prime of the backpack.

The front mesh pocket is fairly substantial and produced with heavy-duty mesh to resist tearing. This is a handy location to retailer damp things like a water filter and reservoir, a wet tent physique, layers you want swift access to, or snacks.

The hip belt has two substantial, strong-faced pockets that are mammoth. With pockets this major, there’s no excuse for not carrying a map inside effortless attain. The pockets are sewn onto the hip belt and have zippers. There’s also a pocket sewn onto the left shoulder strap, sized for snack bars or a Smartphone. The prime has an elastic cord and cord lock which can be effectively tensioned, in contrast to the cordlocks on the side water bottle pockets.

The hip belt pockets are merely huge. This a single has an iPhone X and 5 cliff bars in it!

Backpack Frame and Suspension

The Black Orca Roamer Lite UL Backpack has an internal, wishbone-shaped aluminum internal frame with prime and bottom cross-members for added stiffness. The frame is sewn into the pack bag and not removable. When empty, the frame squeaks if you torsion it, but the sound goes away when it is packed.

The shoulder pads and hip belt are sewn to the pack bag, but not straight anchored to the frame. The similar holds for the load lifter straps which are sewn into the pack bag about a single inch above the frame. None of this excellent from my point of view, but it is not that usual, even with packs from mainstream makers.

The back panel is covered with perforated foam and mesh with a slight lumbar pad at the base. The hip belt is sewn to the pack bag, fairly close to the bottom of the wishbone, but buckles slightly when the pack is heavily loaded. The hip belt has pull-forward adjustment straps and is fairly effortless to adjust.

The back panel has a perforated foam pad covered with mesh, with a slight lumbar pad at the base. Note: the black pocket on the left is an accessory pocket added by the author.

The shoulder pads have a slight S-curve, generating them extra appropriate for ladies. But the pads are 21″ lengthy, which appears longer than important and extra appropriate for males with effectively-created chests. The proper-hand shoulder pad has two hydration keeper straps that you can hang an accessory pocket from, even though the sternum strap can be raised or lowered by moving it up and down a webbing strap.

The hip belt is fundamentally rectangular and ideal suited for male use. It is five inches wide, which is substantial for a pack of this volume and weight.  Regrettably, it is also reasonably soft and malleable, and buckles at the rear when the pack is heavily loaded. That is the primary purpose, I price the comfy load limit of this pack among 25-30 pounds in spite of its substantial capacity.

You can build side compression straps by connecting the roll-prime straps more than the front mesh pocket

Backpack Compression and External Attachments

The Black Orca Roamer Lite UL Backpack is reasonably light when it comes to compression straps and mainly relies on its roll-prime for prime-down load stabilization. Nonetheless, you can build a single tier of compression straps working with the webbing straps and buckles utilised to hold down the ends of the roll prime. These can be looped about the front of the pack and connected more than the mesh front pocket due to the fact they have male and female buckles. This is critical if you want to carry lengthy things in the side water bottle pockets like tent poles or a fishing rod.

The two cords which loop more than the roll-prime can be utilised to carry bulky gear like a sleeping pad or a rope coil on the exterior of the pack. But they sewn-in and not removable. The cords are tensioned with linelocs but do not move by means of the buckles that quickly. It is a match and finish situation that ought to have been solved by the manufacturer, but a single that you could resolve as effectively by substituting in some cord locks.

There are two ice ax loops which can also be utilised to carry trekking poles

There’s an elastic cord that loops more than the mesh pocket, but it is removable if you do not will need it. It runs by means of 7 webbing loops, on the other hand, which can make good anchors for your personal cords. This is a fantastic way to lash snowshoes on prime of the mesh pocket, for instance.

Ultimately, there are two ice ax loops at the base of the pack that can also be utilised to carry trekking poles. There are no shaft holders to safe them, but you can add your personal or just loop them below the elastic cord on prime of the front mesh pocket.

Comparable lightweight roll-prime backpacks


The OneTigris Black Orca LITE Roamer UL 55L+5L Backpack is a fantastic worth for $8o if you are hunting for a multi-day backpack with an internal frame. Weighing 38.eight oz, it has all of the functions that you’d count on on a lightweight roll-prime backpack, such as a substantial front mesh pocket, side water bottle pockets, hip belts pockets. That is nevertheless surprisingly lightweight provided the heavyweight 420D Ripstop Nylon and heavy-duty mesh that the pack is produced with. Whilst it lacks the match and finish of packs that expense 300% to 400% extra, you can quickly swap in a couple of cordlocks to make it less complicated to use.

OneTigris is not recognized as a backpack manufacturer and I doubt they created Black Orca LITE Roamer UL 55L+5L backpack. (A practically identical variant is nevertheless listed on AliExpress.) That does not make it a undesirable backpack or a undesirable worth.  There are lots of backpack makers that outsource their style and production operate to third parties. What I uncover intriguing about this backpack is how close it comes to becoming definitely competitive with backpacks produced by much better-recognized ultralight and lightweight pack makers. If you can not afford a Dyneema DCF backpack or a single produced by a boutique cottage manufacturer, I’d verify out the OneTigris Black Orca LITE Roamer UL 55L+5L backpack. Just make positive that you match into its 19″-22″ torso variety, so you do not attempt to carry a backpack that is as well lengthy for your torso length.

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Disclosure: The author bought this backpack.

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