Resident Evil Game “Project Resistance” Gets a New Trailer


Capcom have just dropped a teaser trailer for Project Resistance, a Resident Evil spin-off that we now know to be a “team-primarily based survival horror experience” according to the official Resident Evil Twitter account.

This comes right after a Project Resistance teaser website went up on August 29th, with the guarantee we would study extra now. Later that day, fans managed to leak some screenshots by means of Reddit that they had found utilizing a reside stream URL from the website. The screenshots showed 4 casually dressed folks wielding an assortment of weapons, top to the speculation this would be a co-op title.

The teaser trailer follows the 4 aforementioned characters navigating their way via some type of lab, exactly where they are set upon by zombies, and a licker comes out to play as properly. Soon after a brief tussle, the characters are then faced with what appears to be a T-103 model Tyrant, the identical model as the infamous Mr. X from Resident Evil two. The Tyrant even dons a hat just like in the Resident Evil two remake, most most likely to monopolize on his huge recognition that came with the remake.

Several fans are hoping that Project Resistance will be a spiritual successor to the cult classic Resident Evil: Outbreak. Two Outbreak games had been released for PlayStation two and are loved for their unforgiving mechanics and early use of on line play. Just from what we’ve noticed so far and modern day trends, it appears like Project Resistance will have a quicker gameplay style like the extra current titles, as opposed to the slower survival elements featured in Outbreak.

Either way, speculation is not as well beneficial, as extra info is to come for the duration of Tokyo Game Show which begins in just a couple of days on September 12th. Do you like the appear of Project Resistance, or had been you hoping for a specific other RE announcement? Let us know down in the comments!


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