The Fara: In search of the ‘real’ summit


This weekend, I returned The Fara, a Corbett that I had ticked off earlier this year, only to be told I had (in all probability) not reached the actual summit. I wanted to see if I had created a error.

A dot marks the summit cairn on the OS map – and the arrow is exactly where I assume the actual summit is.

The Fara: The very first time

It was in February, on a wet and cloudy day that I walked with hubby G and our buddy Rob to the The Fara. The mountain is aspect of a list of Corbetts in Scotland and positioned close to Dalwhinnie.

That day we chose the shortest ascent and descent route and
congratulated ourselves on bothering to go for a hike on what was a dreich day.

With Rob pursuing the complete list of Corbetts (getting
completed a round of Munros) he was delighted to have a different “tick”.

But then, we had been informed that we may possibly not have reached the actual summit.

Study the story of The Fara and the new summit.

I had fairly a great deal decided I would take the Corbett tick
considering that we had carried out almost everything at the time to make sure we had been on the summit as
indicated by our maps and GPS devices.

However, of course, it nonetheless niggled.

So, when a different buddy, Ben, recommended The Fara once more this weekend I couldn’t resist. I wanted to see if we truly had missed the correct summit final time.

Views on the ascent, seeking out across the Cainrgorms.

The Fara: Second time about

The climate could not have been far more various for my second
ascent of The Fara. It was calm, sunny and warm.

Ben and I enjoyed catching up on our chat as we created the steep ascent to the 911m summit from the northern shore of Loch Ericht. The ascent route is nearly a straight line NW and we stopped at normal intervals to love the ever-expanding views more than the Cairngorms.

Note to self: If you stroll a mountain in rain and cloud make certain you return a different day to genuinely love the views.

As we approached the summit, I was keen to see if the massive cairn that we had previously believed was the summit was certainly the summit.

It turns out it wasn’t!

The massive summit cairn.
Seeking across from the cairn t the south of the summit exactly where there is a rocky outcrop.
A tiny cairn on major of the rocky outcrop.
Ben enjoys a view from the major.

It was relatively clear that an outcrop of rock additional south
along the summit major was greater than the ground beneath the cairn. Nevertheless, the
major of the cairn was in truth greater than the rocky outcrop.

What appears odd to me is that the cairn has been made on the summit but not really at the highest point. I guess this does come about on some mountains but normally the “false” cairn is a lot additional away from the correct summit.

On the preceding occasion we had not noticed the “true” summit due to the fact of cloud. Certainly, we had not believed to search for a different summit marker due to the fact the cairn appeared to be positioned at specifically the appropriate point to match with our OS map and numerous on-line descriptions.

On Saturday, even so, the view was clear on the summit and Ben and I could be certain that the “other” summit, a tiny cairn on major of a rocky outcrop, was far more most likely to be at the highest point.

Excellent spot for lunch.
A grassy path along the ridge.

A beautiful ridge stroll

Final time, the poor climate had sent us scurrying back down the identical route we had ascended and as speedily a probable. This weekend, Ben and I enjoyed a relaxing hike along the undulating ridge to the southwest.

The views more than Loch Ericht and to the Ben Alder estate had been beautiful. Following about 5km or so we descended back to the northern side of the loch for a flat stroll along the shore.

Shadow Man Legs!
Seeking back north along the ridge.
A view of Loch Ericht to the south and towards ben Alder. Credit: Ben Herbert
A hole in the fence above a river permitted us to get by way of a lengthy, higher deer fence.

I have seldom been disappointed by a second outing on a mountain and this time it meant I could officially tick off this Corbett.


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