Leatherman Unveils the Charge+ G10 Featuring Premium Fabrication



Leatherman Charge+ G10Leatherman Launches the Charge+ G10 for Outside Enthusiasts with Premium Supplies and Revolutionary Manufacturing

The Leatherman Charge has been the pinnacle in multipurpose tools more than the previous decade, supplying premium components with maximum functionality. The Charge+ G10 builds upon that legacy. Packed in its four-inch frame is a top rated-of-the-line S30V knife blade that supplies the great balance of edge retention and corrosion resistance. The lightweight G10 handles enclose the 19 tools and supplies a safe grip to get the job carried out in any climate situation. No matter if it is on-the-trail bike repair or opening post-hike brews, the Charge+ G10 is a go-to companion for outside enthusiasts.Leatherman Charge+ G10

“Leatherman is committed to driving innovation in its style, that involves selecting premium components. Adding G10 to a legacy tool like the Charge+ only increases this tool’s toughness and durability,” stated Jeremy Rodriguez, item manager at Leatherman. “In addition to its inherent strength, the composite nature of G10 offers us a lot of layering and colour possibilities to play with. G10 is unquestionably some thing you will see far more of in the future Leatherman line.”Leatherman Charge+ G10

What is G10?

G10 is a higher-stress fiberglass laminate, a sort of composite material. It is made by stacking numerous layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material beneath heat till the epoxy cures.


Fiberglass is currently really powerful and sturdy, but weaving it tends to make it stronger. The woven mesh is covered in an epoxy resin, which cures into a difficult, plastic-like material.


The fiberglass can be practically any colour as can the epoxy resin. The mesh can also be woven distinct techniques, enabling for inventive and special textures.

Low Upkeep

Epoxy does not rust or oxidize, does not grow to be brittle, and does not soften more than time, making sure a lengthy-lasting tool.Leatherman Charge+ G10

Attributes of the Leatherman Charge+ G10

  • Blade Length: two.9 in | 7.37 cm
  • Closed Length: four in | 10 cm
  • Weight: eight.three oz | 235 g
  • All Locking Attributes
  • Outdoors Accessible Attributes
  • G10 Handles
  • Premium S30V Knife
  • Replaceable Wire Cutter

The Leatherman Charge+ G10 will be readily available exclusively at REI and Cabela’s for the subsequent 12 months. Red will be sold at REI and Orange at Cabela’s. MSRP is $169.95.