Understanding the Concept of Flint and Steel



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Starting a fire with flint-and-steel is harder than most methods available these days but in an SHTF situation, this may be the only option you have.

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Bushcrafters still prefer this method of starting a fire than the modern-day Ferro rods you can pick up today.

 You need to spark flint, chert or quartz on steel, correctly, thus creating sparks to direct at your tinder and then blow into a fire. Do you know how to identify these rocks? 

You can pick up a flint and steel kit really cheap and I would recommend keeping one in your bug out bag as a backup. There are some other things you are going to need, as well. 


Another essential part of any flint and steel fire is having some charcloth. You need something to catch and hold that spark. That’s not to say that a well-made tinder bundle cannot do this but it’s harder. 

Charcloth is made but placing a piece of cotton cloth into a metal container and placing that container into a fire. In the fire, that cloth will be transformed and when you remove it it will be black. This cloth will catch even the smallest spark and you can drop that ember into your tinder. 

High Carbon Steel Knife

One of the reasons you want a high carbon steel knife in your kit is so that you can use it as steel if need be. Chert and flint will spark on high carbon steel knives just like it does on striking steel. There are many considerations when it comes to your survival knife. One of the biggest is assuring its made of high carbon steel. 

The flint and steel concept is one that all survivors should understand. Even if you dont choose to carry one in your kit. 

How To Make And Start A Fire With Flint & Steel - Learn how to find and make the flint from flint, chert or quartz and how to strike the steel on the flint correctly, thus creating sparks to direct at your tinder and blow into a fire.