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Very first, I would like to say thank you sincerely to people today who have bought 1 of my earlier perform hawks, and thank you also to any individual who has expressed interest or inquired about this project. The only way I’ve been in a position to do it is with your assistance and it indicates almost everything to me.

The time is ultimately right here for one more batch of perform hawks.

Designing and producing tools of numerous types is my day job, and I seriously appreciate what I do. The perform hawk even though, is a passion project of mine that reaches back more than seven years. Just before I met my wife, when I could not scrape with each other the adjust to invest in actual knife steel, I was dreaming of 1 day producing a lightweight woodworking-committed hand axe for the backcountry adventurer.

The perform hawk design and style was borne out of a appreciate for backpacking and bushcraft. I appreciate packing light and traveling far but I also appreciate chopping and carving and developing little structures. What I seriously do not like is the feeling that I wan’t to reduce anything or make anything but I do not have sufficient tool to get the job performed, so I set out to make a tool for weekend+ backpacking trips that would give me self-confidence, versatility, and chopping energy at 1lb weight. My tool of option for years was an e-nep created from a substantial sawblade that weighed close to a pound, which was a wonderful knife for this objective but by no means seemed really like it was worth its weight.

This tool has noticed a lot of alterations. My design and style began as a substantial knife in fact, but I by no means could make use of all that blade through testing. The second iteration was a bit of an aberration, a 7″ cleaver blade combined with a 9″ manage providing 3 separate grips for the hand. Nonetheless, the additional blade was adding also substantially weight and assisting pretty small, and I realized that I seriously necessary to be in a position to get my hand behind the blade to make little perform comfy. I simplified my manage and developed a hatchet-shaped template which was then tested and re-tested, and with the aid of some structural engineer kind people, weight was brought down to my specs though maintaining the tool balanced.

While I am a substantial lover of axes and hatchets, I am steadfastly unconvinced that the classic axe model is the best tool inside a specific weight and size variety for a handful of motives. A effectively made and constructed complete tang hawk can offer an best medium in between a substantial knife or a little hatchet in the similar weight class. It can chop like a hatchet into thicker wood, but can also be conveniently utilised for snap cutting little brush or vines due to the fact of the superior balance. A substantial knife can also chop nicely and make fast cuts, but can be unwieldy for smaller sized perform due to the fact you have to manage 7+ inches of heavy blade out in front of your grip. With this hawk, you can chop down little trees, skin game, make fuzz sticks, prep meals, clear a campsite, execute standard woodworking tasks (drawknifing, shaving, cutting notches, carving), and so forth. When there are other “complete-tang tomahawks” out there, it should really be pretty clear that they are not made or optimized for woodworking. Fat edges and steep grinds are for breaching and punching holes in sheet metal though retaining a ‘usable’ edge.


Design and style
This design and style requires benefit of the unbelievable progress we have created with steel composition and heat therapy. Devoid of these technological advances, it would not be achievable to do potent chopping into North American hardwoods though preserving such a thin edge. I make perform hawks with numerous distinct types of grind, but they are all thinner than a classic hatchet or tomahawk would be. I like a pretty little, lightly convexed edge that opens into a low-degree flat grind.

The Function Hawk V3 capabilities a handful of subtle but vital alterations to the earlier models.

V3 is .75″ shorter than the earlier frequent-size Function Hawks, though preserving a pretty close total weight. Total length will now be 12″. This was performed by shrinking the hole in the head and moving it additional towards the manage. The new hole placement enables it to accommodate an index finger so the hand can be even far more behind the cutting edge for close perform. Choking up like this is wonderful for additional manage more than the toe of the bit (best corner of the blade edge for the non-axe-freaks) for precision perform, particularly anything delicate like skinning or fine carving.

Considering that shortening the manage alterations the arc of swing and how the bit contacts wood in most circumstances, the manage has been rotated just a hair forward underneath the bit, largely at the pretty bottom considering that this plays out most in the hardest chopping. The bottom finish of the manage has also been slightly widened steadily ahead of the flare for a far more hand-filling grip.

The best hole for attaching manage scales has been lowered down to additional adjust the weight balance, as nicely as permit for a manage that does not interfere with material in the deepest chopping or the most shallow cutting angles.

Jimping on the hammer poll has been subdued into a smaller sized series of ridges primarily based on user feedback. On the original models, I went intense due to the fact I was pondering of glove use and my personal private preference for an aggressive texture. A lot of people appreciated the jimping but did not really feel it was totally important, though other people believed it could be performed away with altogether. A compromise right here seemed acceptable the smaller sized cutouts should really present small or no discomfort when gripping the complete head, but nonetheless serve their objective as an help in handling the Hawk in odd approaches (such as an ulu) and giving traction when striking wood with the hammer poll.

The material for the very first batch of the Function Hawk V3 will be S7 differentially heat treated by Peter’s. If you are unfamiliar with S7, there is a plethora of information and facts on the net published by far more certified sources than myself which praise it really is unbelievable toughness and capability for chopping tools. Preceding models have employed 52100 and 80crv2, each of which performed excellently. S7 will outperform these steels in this function to a degree that I really feel justifies the added material expense.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

I placed an order earlier these days to have these blanks reduce by a machine shop from S7. Their estimated turnaround time for the job is eight weeks. It really is a extended time to wait, but it really is worth operating with people today you know and trust. The lead machinist is a former head machinist at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and a pal.

I will be posting updates in this thread about the progress of this batch, so really feel absolutely free to subscribe to the thread or verify back in more than the subsequent couple of months. I would also appreciate to hear from people today about what would be interested in concerning finishes, handles, paracord wrap or no manage choices, and so forth. Your feedback assists me figure out what type of manage components to invest in moving forward.




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