Liars & Gun Control Supporters (But I Repeat Myself)


These are so common they should be an FAQ.

“Nobody wants to take away your guns.”

How you lie to yourselves:

This huge list of people want to take away our guns. You can’t claim it’s only rhetoric. You can’t claim it doesn’t matter. You can’t claim it’s a fabrication or “out of context.” They have stated so, repeatedly, in public. Anyone repeating “no one wants to take away your guns” is deluding themselves into a false moral high ground.

If you are one of these people, knowing this, you have a couple of choices: Contact all the above people and express your objections, or admit that you’re okay with people taking away our guns. In which case, you’re lying to us, too.

I love the way Michael Z. Williamson breaks it down. Read the rest of the article:

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