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In the quest to outfit my Toyota Tundra for Overland use, numerous hours have been spent scouring the interwebz for distinct merchandise. Watching testimonials (yes,  we watch other individuals evaluation merchandise as nicely) to figure out what operates and what does not. The Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) from Grey Man Tactical is the outcome of each analysis and communication with the owner of Grey Man Tactical. I was looking for a nicely constructed seat-back storage answer. A spot to organize products that as well frequently finish up tossed onto the back seat or floor. Things that I consistently require rapid access to whilst traveling.

While there are various seat back MOLLE panels offered, the RIP-M from Grey Man Tactical is by far the ideal decision in my opinion. Other companies have a tendency to use a tactical nylon or Cordura fabric for their seat back panels. A fantastic fabric for most applications, but not for a seat back organizer. Unless your drivers seat back is completely vertical, (which it is not) you will encounter sag from the fabric panels when loaded with the gear you intend to carry. Right here is why Grey Man Tactical is a clear decision. Alternatively of structureless fabric, they use three/16″ thick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to manufacture their RIP-M panels. Which is a game changer in lowering sag. And the explanation I chosen these merchandise for my Overland car.

Grey Man Tactical RIP-M Panel Video Assessment:

While the RIP-M panel from Grey Man Tactical lends nicely to firearms storage, my intent for the seat-back loadout differs a bit. And considering that the panel is precision reduce MOLLE, I can add what ever pouches I want to it. My loadout is distinct for Overland travel. I have a brief list of products that I consistently dig for in the truck. Things like GoPro mounts and spare batteries for filming. Midland radios for communications. Flashlights, fire extinguisher, health-related and recovery gear. Multi tools, knives and even cold climate gear like a hat and gloves. All organized on the back of my drivers seat and not haphazardly rolling about in the cab. Also, the use of rapid release buckles make removal and installation a snap.

RIP-M Panel specs courtesy of

  • Created for Vertical applications such as Automobile / Truck / Patrol Vehicle seat back mounting.
  • Material: High Strength Polyethylene 
  • Panel Weight: 24.five ounces each and every
  • Height: 25″ 
  • Width: 15.25″ 
  • Thickness: .188″

RIP-M panel ready for installation

Grey Man Tactical presents a wide variety of Rigid MOLLE Panels, not just seat-back organizers. Panels that are especially created to match inside Pelican situations. As nicely as some of the a lot more preferred backpacks. Permitting the user to organize the contents of their ruck as nicely as speedy removal of the panel and contents need to the require arise. Many extra sized panels are offered for special mounting areas such as the FJ Cruiser Dash Panel. I’ve even noticed them mounted to the back of a spare tire to carry recovery gear on a Jeep. No matter if you are a LEO, Military or flight crew, verify out Grey Man Tactical to locate which panel operates ideal for your application.

Due to the restricted leg area in the rear of the Tundra Double Cab, I can only mount this seat back panel when no-one particular is sitting behind me. Not liking to waste space in my truck, I intend to permanently mount a 27.25″x19″ RIP-M panel in the dead space behind the rear folding seats this winter. A covert place that would be ideal for mounting an SBR and a couple of magazine pouches. And a very good alternate place when I have rear seat passengers and cannot use the seat back panel. Keep tuned to the Loadout Area for future Grey Man Tactical testimonials.


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