Chocolate Spatula? / Siren Thru Hike updates


Week four
89 miles

230.eight Mt. Cammerer side trail
238.four Green Corner Rd.
252. Max Patch Mt.
271.eight Hot Springs, US 25/70
Zero day
284.three spring
304.1 Flint Mt. Shelter (pic)


Received initial genuine contact:

It was rushed as she was hiking, and worried that signal would fade out.

I am paraphrasing a bit (artistic license and all):

1) Holy Schmoly, I am nevertheless out right here performing this.

two) I am not very positive why I am nevertheless trekking and so several individuals who I believed had been either additional seasoned, much better equipped, or just sounded prepared have been driven off the trail.

three) There is bushcraft, there is winter camping, and there is ultralight hiking. I am glad I did so considerably winter camping this previous year. I knew I wasn’t packing adequate gear to manage the 16 degree climate, and I am fortunate that I was capable to bail off that mountain. Half the individuals I began with are gone.

four) It was a fairly low day when I attempted to hike on three/four” of frozen slush. Just after I had my 7th key fall (is something broken type of fall), I was genuinely considering of solutions.

five) I began a fire in the rain to warm up the complete group. You guys would be so proud of me (yes, we are)

six) Blisters on day two. Been making use of my Leuko tape on everyone else. Send additional when you can. Changed to hiker socks with person toes.



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