Cost-effective and sensible digital 4-Wheel Drive accessories!


It is not a lie any critical 4WD enthusiast loves a fantastic modification, irrespective of whether that is a huge modification to boost offroad efficiency or straightforward plug and play upgrades which transform the way your 4WD feels and operates on the inside of the cab.

This is why Adventure Kings has released a quantity of handy and very sensible digital accessories that not only boost the comfort and efficiency of your 4WD but also help in having to the bottom of technical gremlins on the side of the track in the middle of nowhere!

Beginning with clear navigation help, the VMS Touring 700HDX delivers a supreme navigator, best for not only travelling major highways but also supplying a strong tool for offroad navigating with topographic maps and detailing all gazette tracks across the nation.

The device comes pre-loaded with maps for the complete nation, the VMS also involves more than 1000+ totally free campsites which has been independently verified by “On The Road” Magazine.  With five years of Free of charge map upgrades and at a fraction of the cost of equivalent competitor’s models, it merely tends to make sense to get your hands on a single for your subsequent major trip!

No time spent on the roads is with out hazard, this is why it is vital to hold rolling film at all occasions to not only cover your back, but also to capture wild moments on film. The Adventure Kings Higher-Def Dash Camera which can record at a staggering 1080p more than a wide 150° viewing angle and is capable of selecting up fine facts like quantity plates, as effectively as recording in a loop enabling for generally obtaining a record of the most current facts.

The Kings Dash Camera also involves a lock button which will safe the final “block” of recorded details to stop recording more than the prime, as effectively as a “g force” sensor which activates the identical lock function guaranteeing in an incident all details more than the earlier period will be secured. If you devote any time on the streets of the city or even major towns then a Higher-Def Dash Camera is fantastic for the front of your car!

Considering that 1996, automobiles have been phased in with a standardized On-Board Diagnostics or OBD method which is a approach for the internal computer systems to gauge the parameters of all the automobiles sensors and safely restrict a car from destroying itself through engine malfunctions. This evolved to the contemporary normal referred to as “OBD-II“ this standardized method enables car owners to tap into their automobiles OBDII port applying a handy plug and play pc like the Engine Information Scan (EDS) thanks to the OBDII transmission of sensor information the EDS will act like a black box recorder displaying genuine time engine information, as supplied from the automobiles sensors.

Furthermore the EDS method will study and record a automobiles engine fault codes, resulting in no a lot more challenges with “check engine” fault lights causing confusion, as the EDS will show the fault codes clearly enabling you to speedily diagnose and verify for false errors sent by dirty sensors or loose signal wires, furthermore it will permit you to get your car out of “limp mode” in the occasion of false sensor information triggering a “limp mode” situation, especially when you are out of constructed up places. The EDS is a ought to have for everyone seeking to head into paths significantly less traveled supplying not only a lot more details about their automobiles efficiency, but also a lot more self-assurance in the tools to save themselves when items do not go to program!

1 of the initially upgrades quite a few 4WDers do is fitting a bigger set of tyres if you have currently completed this, you will have noticed, that your car could take off a small bit slower and your speedometer is going to be out! This is why Adventure Kings created the HUD, a handy and compact device that mounts to your automobiles dash, and can either show straight or project your GPS calculated speed straight onto your windshield like a hologram resulting in not only maintaining your eyes on the road, but also removing any doubts about the accuracy of your automobiles actual speed, hopefully maintaining speeding fines to a minimum.

The final addition to your 4WD you need to think about is a single that will give you, a lot more seat of the pants grunt and a lot more throttle sensitivity, especially in contemporary turbo diesel engines which due to emissions controls have a tendency to have massive amounts of lag resulting in slower than needed takeoff with what feels like a huge hesitation.

 All of this has changed, considering the fact that the introduction of the Adventure Kings Throttle Controller, this compact and discreet unit merely piggybacks onto your automobiles accelerator pedal and sends a diverse digital signal to your automobiles throttle handle solenoid, this signifies your car will respond to throttle inputs significantly faster as effectively as becoming in a position to fine tune the device applying a Free of charge smartphone app and blutooth connectivity, the outcome is removing the lag from your car and feeling significantly a lot more in handle, especially when you need to have it the most!

To discover out a lot more about the complete variety of digital accessories accessible from 4WD Supacentre head to get in touch with us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into a single of our shops or authorized dealers to see the products in individual, and ask all the nitty gritty facts from our specialist employees members!


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