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Here are the key takeaways from the debate

The group Sunrise Movement has issued a damning statement on tonight’s debate and what they say is a failure to adequately address the climate crisis.

In a statement on Twitter, they said “I don’t know how @DNC leaders can look themselves in the mirror tonight […] they promised us that they would ensure this issue got the attention it deserved. Tonight their check bounced.”

You can read the full statement via their thread here:

Sunrise Movement 🌅


Climate change is the greatest existential threat we face as a nation. Yet, even as poll after poll show that it’s a top concern for voters in the 2020 election, tonight’s debate almost entirely ignored it.

September 13, 2019

The debate may be over but Joe Biden’s latest gaffe is still spinning.

After urging viewers to visit a non-existent website called “Joe 30330” at the end of the last debate, he’s now told children to “make sure you have the record player on at night” in response to a question about how families should spend their evenings.

You can watch it here:

Justin Baragona

Joe Biden says we need to “play the radio” and “make sure you have the record player on at night” for children

September 13, 2019

And here’s how people have responded

Fitz Maro

“Alexa, turn up the record player!” -Joe Biden, probably #DemDebate

September 13, 2019

Jessica Valenti

“Make sure you have a record player on at night” is it for me. I’m out.

September 13, 2019

Ivy Marie

“Make sure you have the RECORD PLAYER on at night,” Biden says to the 2019 millennials.#DemDebate

September 13, 2019


Either Uncle Joe traveled in a time machine, or he is trying to appeal to hipsters. “Listen to the record player!!!” ?!?! #demdebate

September 13, 2019




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