September 12th, 2019

Dollars and $ense — Bargain 9mm Ammo Vs. Handloading

Sig Sauer P210 Legend

Every person need to have a 9mm Luger (9x19mm) pistol. The 9mm Luger round feeds/cycles terrific, recoil is moderate, and a vast array of exceptional 9mm handguns are offered. And, probably most importantly, high quality factory ammo is inexpensive. In truth for the reason that 9x19mm ammo is made in such quantity, it is some of the least expensive centerfire pistol ammo you can acquire. Nowadays we’ve identified some terrific 9mm Luger ammo bargains for you, with large-name factory stuff for below 18 cents per round.

At that cost, it may perhaps not be worth reloading. Contemplate this — standard 9mm element charges effortlessly method fifteen cents per round even with cost-free brass: Bullet ($.08 – $.10), Powder ($.02), and Primer ($.04). Provided the charges of bullets, powder, and primers, it may perhaps not be worth reloading 9mm Luger, specially if you worth your valuable time!

Hudson H9 9mm pistol

Need to You Reload 9mm Ammo? Run the Numbers, Then Decide…
When this Editor reloads practically all his .45 ACP and .44 Magnum ammo, I commonly shoot factory ammo in my 9mm Luger pistols. Why? When you give some affordable worth to the time you invest setting-up and operating your reloading press, it is difficult to beat factory ammo at about $10 per 50-count box (i.e. $.20/round). When when-fired 9mm brass is plentiful (and inexpensive), you can effortlessly invest 15-16 cents per round just on bullet, powder, and primer. So reloading may perhaps only save you four or five cents per round. Therefore if you load 200 rounds per hour (like set-up time), you only recoup $eight to $10 per hour (at most effective) for all your work. You may perhaps determine, as I did, that my time was worth extra than that.

Excellent Bargains on 9mm Luger (9x19mm) Factory Ammunition

HK H&K Heckler Koch P7 PSP P7M8 9mm Luger pistol

HK H&K Heckler Koch P7 PSP P7M8 9mm Luger pistol

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