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Developed in 1953 Ian Fleming’s British Secret Agent James Bond continues to fascinate.

In 2017 TFB visited The London Film Museum and the exhibition James Bond in Motion, with a concentrate on firearms of course.

“007 Store” now have a Restricted Edition of Francisco Scaramanga’s Golden Gun (prop) for sale.




Individually numbered in a series of 1-500

Accessible to pre-order NOW 

Your possibility to personal a restricted edition replica of a single of the cinematic world’s most iconic weapons, Francisco Scaramanga’s Golden Gun. This 18ct gold-plated 1:1 scale collectors’ piece is a multi-element replica of the special firearm created for the 1974 film, which was created up of seemingly innocuous separate components that when combined designed a deadly, four.two-calibre single-shot handgun.

This officially licensed replica has been designed right after meticulous study of the original prop in the EON Productions Archive, as nicely as interviews with original cast and crew. The gun can be assembled and disassembled into its machined metal element components, precisely as the original prop.

007retailer exclusive set involves:

  • The 5 18ct gold-plated components – lighter, fountain pen, cigarette case, cufflink and bullet
  • A colour litho print of Peter Murton’s original production styles for gunmaker Lazar’s workshop – 8”x10”
  • Individually numbered metal plaque
  • Story booklet
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Wooden show box

Created in a restricted edition of only 500 pieces


Gold-plated cigarette lighter – with a hidden slide-out section, the metal lighter types the major physique of the replica. The lighter lid opens to reveal a breech chamber. Please note: the Colibri logo engraved on the lighter lid on the original prop is not incorporated on the replica for trademark motives.

Gold-plated fountain pen – comprehensive with removable thread cap, this screws straight into the physique of the lighter to kind the barrel. An orange marking has been added to the finish of the barrel to comply with replica weapons regulations.

Gold-plated cigarette case – open the finish to make the deal with and trigger housing.

Gold-plated cufflink – this acts as the trigger. With a sprung blade, the cufflink screws into the trigger housing, firmly locking all the elements collectively.

Gold-plated bullet – inscribed with 007, this can be fitted into the breach of the lighter or displayed separately.

Show case – this higher-excellent case has a hinged window lid and metal plaque displaying your special edition quantity. It options a reversable lining that makes it possible for you to show the piece assembled or disassembled, and is created of piano-black lacquered wood and acrylic, detailed with a subtle 007 logo.

Replica length (assembled) – 24cm

Weight – 1.7lbs

Show case – 33cm x 22.5cm x 7.5cm


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Right here is a video exactly where Scaramanga makes use of his Golden Gun.


All photos and details about the Golden Gun prop from “007 Store“.


The prop replica is for sale for £899.00 (or about 1,100 USD).

Seeing this scene tends to make me want to have a go at the entire film once again. The Golden Gun was initially created in 1974.


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