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September 12th, 2019

Get Prepared for Precision Rifle Expo September 28-29 in Georgia

Precision Rifle Expo Arena Blakely GA Georgia PRS NRL

Sensible/Tactical fans, mark your calendars. The Precision Rifle EXPO is back for its second year, operating September 28-29, 2019 at the Arena Education Facility in Blakely, Georgia. Final year, more than 800 attendees came to the two-day occasion. This year, producers will be displaying off actions, optics, ammo, reloading gear, stocks, chassis, electronics, supporting gear (bags and tripods), rifles, triggers, suppressors, and significantly additional. There will be education sessions on precision handloading, wind reading, marksmanship, ballistic devices, and introduction to competitors.

Video Shows Arena Education Facility And EXPO Reside-Fire Demos

The occasion lets precision rifle enthusiasts connect with top rated producers, rifle instructors, and major tactical competitors. You can Pre-Register for $35, or spend $50 at the door Sept. 28-29. Registration incorporates access to the exhibition tent and the variety areas, plus the educational classes for each days.

Precision Rifle Expo 2019 Arena training blakely GA Georgia

All Kinds of Goods Will Be on Show
The 2019 Precision Rifle EXPO will present goods from dozens of top rated businesses all in one particular spot. This year more than 50 businesses will be at the EXPO, displaying full rifles, actions, triggers, stocks, optics, reloading gear, ammo, electronics, rangefinders, chronographs, ear protection, help bags, bipods, tripods, and all manner of accessories.

Precision Rifle Expo Series National Rifle League Arena Training Facility Blakely Georgia September meeting

Video Showcases Final Year’s Precision Rifle EXPO:

Precision Rifle EXPO 2019 Exhibitor List

At the 2019 EXPO, there will be more than 50 Exhibitors. On hand will be major rifle-makers along with producers of chassis, optics, barrels, and stocks. There will also be specialty producers such as AMP Annealing, Kestrel, and Magnetospeed. And the Capstone Group will be there with Berger Bullets, Lapua Brass/Ammo, SK Ammo, and Vihtavuori Powder.

Precise Ordnance
Alpha Munitions
Annealing Produced Best AMP
Applied Ballistics
Region 419
Armageddon Gear
Army Sniper Assoc.
Atlas Bipod/AccuShot
Berger Bullets
Bore Tech
Daniel Defense
Devil Dog Arms
Helix six Precision
KG Mada
Knights Armament
MasterPiece Arms MPA
McMillan Stocks
MDT Chassis
Peterson Brass
Proof Analysis Barrels
Truly Appropriate Stuff RRS
Rifles Only
Rugged Suppressors
Silent Legion
SK Ammo
Steiner Optics
Stiller’s Actions
Swanny’s Gear
Swarovski Optics
Timney Triggers
Trigger Tech
Victrix Armaments
Vudoo Gunworks
Warne Scope Mounts

Arena Education Facility — 2300 Acres with Ranges out to 2100m

arena training facility Georgia

The 2300-acre Arena Education Facility is a premier shooting facility with many shooting ranges from 50m to 2100m. Arena’s 1000-yard covered Identified Distance variety delivers many benches, steel and paper targets out to 1000 yards. On Arena’s UKD (unknown distance) variety shooters can engage steel out to 2300 yards. This 2100m UKD variety boasts a three-Story Shooting Tower, Air-Conditioned Shoot Residence, and many Positional Challenges.

At final year’s EXPO, Lengthy-Variety Clinics have been held on the 1000-yard Variety:
arena training facility Georgia Precision Rifle expo

The Arena Education Facility is situated roughly two hours from the Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia and is centrally situated in the Southeastern USA.

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