I have a poor habit of getting backups, not only with guns but holsters as well and most almost everything else. I reside in Kentucky and opened carry till five years ago when I got my permit to conceal a weapon. I purchased a Desantis holster then, a dual carry two, I purchased two of them so I would have 1 for IWB and 1 for owb without the need of getting to adjust on the clip. I carry each day six-12 hours and carry 7 day a week, each holsters nevertheless appear good without the need of any put on to speak of. with that although I have now purchased two much more and place them up as back up. I even feel I could will need backup to my back up. I am on a tight price range and cannot save to get a higher dollar holster, i have attempted and somehing comes up to get my income. But I cannot complain on the Desantis, so my query is this, do any of ya’ll have backup holsters? and about how extended will a decent leather holster final? thanks for any assist.