Lauren Chiren: Menopause professional, coach and life-changer


I meet numerous intriguing individuals by way of my perform and life and when interviewing Lauren Chiren for a newspaper short article, I was struck by how up-beat and excited she seemed about life and her perform. She told me she had been forced to leave a effectively-paid job and a superior profession path and only identified out later that she was suffering an early menopause. But rather of becoming bitter, she has turned a seeming adverse into a massive constructive. I decided to ask her extra.

Lauren is the founder of Ladies of a Specific Stage, a organization that gives coaching, mentoring and corporate coaching on a wide variety of well being issues, like the menopause. She performs in a selection of strategies, as an executive coach, an educator on menopause and an international speaker.

But this wasn’t what she imagined she would be undertaking in the earlier stage of a profession. In truth, it was the menopause that sent Lauren, now 50, her on the path to a new coaching location.

That was then…

Lauren, who has a 13-year-old son, enjoyed a thriving and difficult part as a senior executive till her early 40s. She managed international teams, important budgets and company crucial transform and transformation programmes.

She says: “It was essential to my part that I kept a mental
flow in my head of what stage all my programmes had been at, ensured choices had been
produced speedily and arranging was regularly reviewed and managed.”

But then, for about 18 months, she began to really feel
increasingly distant from her perform.

She says: “I stopped sleeping by way of the evening, I identified my
power levels spiking and I began coaching really hard. I ran a marathon without the need of coaching
and I am not a runner.

“I became progressively disengaged from my senior group and I
identified myself outdoors the ‘circle of trust’. This meant that choices had been
tougher to see by way of.

“I also began to endure palpitations, normally feeling like I was going to pass out. This meant that I stopped speaking up in meetings and it was pointed out to me that ‘perhaps I had been happier when I was undertaking that aspect-time job I’d had before’.”

Lauren suffered additional symptoms. She says: “I would claw my
skin at evening as it became itchier and drier. I ended up seeking like I’d been
mauled by a cat and I had to put on higher-necked garments to cover it up.

“I got progressively extra anxious about undertaking a superior job and not becoming noticed as a single mum at perform. I felt I could not confide in my male-dominated group and the a single particular person who I could speak to sadly left for a further firm.

In the finish, Lauren decided to leave her job. She says: “I
essentially believed I had early onset dementia.

“I had gone from a powerful, independent, confident and major-earning businesswoman to a sole parent staring at 4 walls questioning how I was going to place meals on the table.

“I definitely believed I was going to have to uncover a person to bring up my son even though I rocked back and forth in the corner of a residence someplace.”

A new career…

Menopause ‘revelation’ and a new path

When Lauren ultimately went to the medical doctors and they
recommended she was most most likely going by way of an early menopause, she stated she
was relieved.

She says: “I all of a sudden had an explanation for how I was
feeling and it was not dementia. It felt like a massive weight had been lifted
from me. It was the menopause and I believed I could deal with that.”

Nevertheless, rather of a return to her preceding profession path,
Lauren decided to retrain and she now coaches thriving female company
leaders and entrepreneurs, who are beginning to notice that their well being is not assisting
them to accomplish the accolades they want for in their perform life. She supports
English-speaking consumers, predominantly in the UK, US and Australia.

Lauren, who study psychology at university, has a lengthy list
of impressive qualifications across physical, nutritional and mental therapies.
She is also a individual trainer and has undertaken numerous courses to have an understanding of
the menopause.

She says: “I develop programmes for every single client drawing on
their desires and motivations to assure they are providing focus to all places of
their life, remembering that by placing themselves 1st they have extra to give
to other folks.

“I personally perform with up to eight consumers at any time so
that I can be readily available and deliver the level of assistance necessary.

“Most perform is completed remotely, by telephone and Zoom, and we have
quarterly face-to-face days, which commonly contain a bit of pampering or an
adventure expertise.

“I also have a international group of well being coaches, who assistance
individuals experiencing well being challenges, like emotional consuming, pre-diabetes,
substance abuse and cardiac and stroke prevention and recovery.”

In 2020, Lauren plans to launch guided, self-paced
programmes of assistance for extra than 10 unique well being circumstances. She says:
“I want to attain as numerous individuals as probable to turn out to be the pretty very best versions of
themselves – complete of vitality and vigour.”

Lauren enjoys staying match.
A relaxed seeking Lauren.
Lauren is a keen campaigner to make the menopause subject extra of an open conversation.

Menopause: A extra open conversation

Lauren has noticed a developing trend for individuals to be extra open about the menopause. She also sees a transform in the assistance for girls in the workplace and a developing recognition that extra firms want to assistance girls in the workplace.

She says: “When I set up Ladies of a Specific Stage 5 years ago, I never ever believed it would ever be extra than a hobby. No-a single was speaking about menopause, in particular not at perform. Access to educated GPs basically didn’t exist in the NHS.

“In the previous two to 3 years, growing numbers of
celebrities have spoken out publicly about their menopausal nightmares
parliament has agreed that menopause really should be aspect of the sex and connection
education (SRE) in schools and each and every month the mainstream media have
programmes going out at prime time.

“BBC Breakfast ran a entire week on menopause and the
response to the two-minute trailer, which I was in, was so overwhelming. The
entire week’s schedule had to be reworked, extra filming added in and 10 days
later it was nonetheless becoming actively referred to.”

Lauren has noticed a surge in demand for her assistance and suggestions
from corporations. She says: “Historically, it took me nine to 12 months from
initial conversations to contracting to provide menopause coaching at perform. Now
I have extra perform from corporations calling me to book straight away.

“I have created a series of webinars and podcasts to cover
all elements menopause at perform, so corporations can add this to their intranets for
absolutely everyone to access and study what is proper for them.

“This incorporates mangers, individuals operating alongside girls experiencing
menopause symptoms and partners living with a person. Generally the partners are the
ones who comment that my coaching may possibly have saved their connection.

“I am a major advocate that girls seek healthcare and way of life
suggestions and select the path, normally a mixture, that performs for them.”

The post-menopause years

Lauren is now positive she is by way of the menopause but due to the fact she did not know she was in peri and menopause transition 10 years ago she believes she has place her physique below undue anxiety and strain. She says: “I am a former PT and I was super match. I became even fitter but I did not know I was transitioning by way of menopause and sadly the flip side is that I hammered my physique.

“I have suffered injuries for the previous 3 years. I am a
former judo competitor and am utilised to a pretty higher level of fitness.

“Now I balance my coaching with a mixture of weights,
higher intensity interval coaching (HIIT), yoga and the occasional jog about the
neighborhood park with some mates.”

She has grown to a spot exactly where she recognises the want for typical physical exercise but she has accepted that her 4-pack has disappeared. She says: “I am much less self crucial and, frankly, I like myself extra now that I ever have. I have a lot to give and I am enjoying becoming at this stage of life. I am hugely grateful and appreciative of that.”

The query of mental well being

Lauren was not conscious till not too long ago that she had been suffering with mental well being problems by way of the menopause. She says: “I was oblivious at the time that menopause has 34 recognised symptoms, split in between emotional, physiological and physical.

“I would never ever have stated my mental well being was compromised
till I was a speaker in panel at this International Women’s Day.

“After we all did our introductions and shared why we had been
on the panel to answer concerns on menopause, I received a query: ‘So, you
had mental well being problems when going by way of menopause then?’

“I drew breath, a number of occasions, and held back the tears as I
realised, that, yes, my mental well being had been compromised for the duration of peri and

“As a powerful independent lady, I never ever wanted to be
perceived as becoming weak. I did not want to be noticed asking for assistance.

“I realise now that in search of the suitable assistance and assistance is a
sign of self-awareness, strength and assists you avert the menopausal
expertise I had. Therefore, now, my coaching programmes.”

Lauren’s well being mantra in her 50 is: “No extra drama.”

Content and with a zest for life.
Taking time to loosen up, also.

Lauren’s well being and fitness strategies

This strategies apply to all stages of life but in particular for the duration of the peri and menopause.

  • Hydrate
  • Consume effectively
  • Surround oneself with constructive uplifting individuals
  • Be social
  • Give back
  • Move your physique
  • Overcome self sabotage
  • Have ‘me’ time
  • Indulge in self-care
  • Place oneself 1st.

She says: “I reside a life primarily based on my terms and I recognise that rigid routines do not match me effectively. I really like intellectual challenge and selection.”

She also guarantees:

  • Spends high-quality time with her son
  • Visits her people and brother and sister normally
  • Travels
  • Remains curious
  • Grows veggies
  • Draws
  • Reads voraciously
  • Hits the media and stages to raise awareness on menopause
  • Tidies (“I can not concentrate in clutter,” she says.)
  • Stroll barefoot everywhere and anyplace (secure)
  • Cuddles
  • Smiles at strangers
  • Is grateful.

To uncover out extra about Lauren’s perform and assistance see Ladies of a Specific Stage.


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