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Fancy swapping your road bike for a mountain bike? Triathlete, PT and wellness coach Jeff Archer reveals how to make the transition

Mountain biking is a excellent way to head off the beaten track, and there are a lot of possibilities to do this wherever you reside. A mountain bike enables you to cover the complete variety of terrain and will assist you push the boundaries of your fitness.

If you are new to mountain biking you can start with basic, undulating trails. As you come to be additional seasoned you can take on additional technical terrain that will challenge your strength, stamina and riding talent. Based on the time you have obtainable you can pop out for a fast fitness-boosting loop close to property or, if the mood requires you, you can stock up with supplies and be gone all day.

Obtaining began

The very first factor to do is study the sort of mountain bike that finest suits your specifications. Obtaining measured for the proper size is step one particular and any fantastic bike shop will assist you with this. Subsequent, it is a query of weight. Typically, a lighter bike is preferable, but this could come at a price so your selected price range for a bike need to be taken into consideration.

Then, consider about what suspension technique will suit you finest. If you are preparing to get seriously off-road on pretty difficult terrain, front and rear suspension could possibly be your finest solution for a smoother ride. Bear in thoughts even though, that riding a complete suspension bike can be additional tiring, so you will need to have the solution to repair the suspension.

Complete suspension bikes can be additional high priced as effectively, so if you consider you will only need to have the rear suspension sometimes, it could not be worth the added price. If your strategy is mainly for cross nation riding with some hills, your finest bet will possibly be a challenging tail bike – one particular with front suspension only. This will assist smooth your ride with out sapping the power from your legs.

A further choice to be produced is the sort of brakes you opt for. Disc brakes give excellent stopping energy in all climate circumstances.

Am I match sufficient?

One particular of the excellent items about mountain biking is that you can get began regardless of your level of fitness. Just be mindful to start with some shorter rides, and steadily develop up the time and distance that you cover.

It is also a fantastic concept to begin on some basic terrain – even riding on the roads to kick off with – just before moving on to trails, towpaths and hills. Even if it is not that lengthy given that you have been cycling, your mountain bike could possibly be rather distinct from any preceding. Give oneself time to adjust to a new set up and, if you are concerned, practice very first in enclosed spaces away from any website traffic.

Steady progress with the length and difficulty of your rides is also a fantastic concept. Even if you currently have a fantastic, established level of fitness, it in some cases requires a brief time for your fitness in operating, swimming, health club or circuit workouts to translate across into cycling.

Riding a mountain bike is a excellent cardio exercise. The range of terrain offers all-natural bursts of higher-intensity education when at the identical time enhancing your stability and balance, and delivering functional strength education for your legs, butt, back, shoulders and arms.

If you are a fan of spinning classes, you need to discover that you adapt to mountain biking quite rapidly. If you are currently a keen road cyclist and would like to attempt out anything distinct, you can adapt your road bike for trails that are not also hilly by altering your wheels and/or tyres, but if you want to get pleasure from the complete challenge of the mountains it is finest to invest in a bike constructed for this goal. A mountain bike is additional robust than a road bike and the riding position a lot additional conducive to ever-altering terrain. This implies you will ride additional effectively and have significantly less danger of incurring aches and pains.

If you currently ride frequently on the road, you will notice that the weight, geometry and thicker tyres of a mountain bike make the practical experience of riding really feel rather distinct. Combine this with suspension and you could possibly really feel that riding a mountain bike is a lot tougher than a road bike.

Road bike vs. mountain bike

On a road bike, most of the work when you push down on the pedals gets transmitted to the road by means of a light, stiff frame and thin tyres with comparatively tiny surface region in speak to with the ground. Mountain bikes can have additional versatile frames and the suspension will imply that some of your pedalling efforts get lost along the way. Even just before you take into account how a lot additional surface region of the tyres you have to move along the road or trail surface.

So do not be concerned if mountain biking feels tougher and do not be tempted to create it off also quickly – the variations with the bikes quickly make a lot additional sense when you place your new bike in an atmosphere exactly where a road bike would definitely struggle.

What ever your beginning point with mountain biking, when you practical experience the countryside, the scenery, the views and the fresh air, you will be hooked.


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