Sightmark Solitude 20-60×80 Spotting Scope


Currently we are reviewing two items by Sellmark.  The Sightmark Solitude 20-60x80SE spotting scope and the Firefield Scarab 9-12” bipod.

Sellmark Video Cover

The Sightmark Solitude 20-60x80SE spotting
scope is an entry-level scope. We decided to assessment this decrease-price
model initial, alternatively of the Sightmark Latitude 20-60×80 XD Tactical Spotting Scope.  I do not know how numerous men and women are familiar with
Sightmark scopes and I wanted to start out with their spending budget-friendly scope.

Solitude 20-60x80SE Spotting Scope

Excellent Cost for the Typical Shooter

With the Sightmark Solitude 20-60x80SE
coming in at
$110-$150 you do not have to devote an arm and a leg on one thing that you may well
not use each weekend. I discover that men and women who are in the extended-variety game have a tendency
to drop a minimum of about 5x that quantity on a scope. This scope is for the
typical shooter hunting to add a spotting scope to their kit and save a handful of

The Firefield Solutions

For some purpose, my brain likes to mix Firefield items (owned
by Sellmark) with Redfield items (owned by Leupold). Please inform me I am not
the only one particular?

Firefield is a business that tends to make extra firearm elements though
Sightmark is extra focused on sights.

You can discover items like bipods, AR rails, monopod shooting
sticks, face paint, knives, rifle bags, and a ton of other items, at

Scarab bipod on the Ritter and Stark

Firefield Scarab Bipod

I was provided to assessment the Firefield Scarab 9-12” bipod and I looked at the size and believed it would match nicely on my Ritter and Stark. Now, I have been utilizing the bipod off camera and with the R&ampS chambered in .338LM but, for the sake of the video, I had it chambered in .308. This meant I have been capable to see how the bipod handled the heavier recoil of the .338LM and it held wonderful.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mount this to a rifle I was attempting to preserve light as it is not a modest neat package. But if you are hunting for your larger rifles this may well be worth checking into… just make certain to use your thread locker.


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