Stories Of Rhodesia: Element six- Operation Dingo


This week’s weblog is an excerpt from Hannes Wessel’s book “A handful of really hard men” which is committed to Darrell Watt, an SAS operator in the Rhodesian bush war. I have received unique permission from Hannes to scan, copy and paste the following pages, which make a fascinating study, so I ask for your forgiveness for scanned pages in this most current weblog. I additional dedicate this weblog to the males of the Rhodesia Light Infantry, the Rhodesian SAS, the Rhodesian Air Force and any other soldier, male or female, that helped make operation Dingo a resounding accomplishment. (If you enjoyed this weblog and Hannes’ book please adhere to the hyperlink above exactly where you can buy the complete book on Amazon)

Mark Jackson at his guns

Why we fought

Mother and kid slain at Elim mission. Two of quite a few that day.
Troops prepared to roll in Huey helicopters acquired from Israel. They have been in such poor mechanical shape they had to be re-constructed by Rhodesian technicians right after 1 lost its tail rotor on landing.
Zanla dead right after one more profitable engagement.
Dick Paxton – chopper pilot extraordinaire
A South African French-produced Super-Frelon helicopter with Rhodesian troops, employed in one more battle at Mapai
A photo from a later operation, employed right here to let the reader see a common photo op prior to getting deployed
Rhodesian Choppers


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