What Tends to make Specialized Waterfowl Shotguns So Particular


A hunter shouldering a Mossberg 930 Pro Series Waterfowl shotgun. Both the 930 and 935 Pro Series feature boron nitride coating on the internal components to improve corrosion resistance.

A hunter shouldering a Mossberg 930 Pro Series Waterfowl shotgun. Each the 930 and 935 Pro Series function boron nitride coating on the internal elements to strengthen corrosion resistance. (Mossberg/)

Waterfowl shotguns right now have come to be a niche marketplace. Almost just about every key shotgun manufacturer, and numerous smaller sized importers, presently offer you at least one particular tricked-out shotgun created particularly for waterfowling. We’re not speaking about guns basically dipped in a marsh grass camo pattern, either. We’re speaking guns that come straight from the factory with modifications that employed to only be offered as custom add-ons. Enhancements like oversized controls, super-difficult finishes, lengthened forcing cones, polished internals, and specialized choke tubes can strengthen each your shooting and general hunting expertise. Here’s how they do it.

A black duck next to a fast-cycling Mossberg 930 Pro.

A black duck subsequent to a rapidly-cycling Mossberg 930 Pro. (Jarrod Spilger/)

Bigger Controls

The most important advantage of bigger controls, particularly oversized bolt handles and bolt release buttons on autoloaders, is their ease of operation when wearing heavy gloves, which waterfowlers normally do, specifically in the late season. A secondary advantage is they facilitate faster load swaps. For instance, a couple seasons ago my dog and I have been walking back to the truck when I heard, and then saw, a flock of Canada geese winging straight towards me. I speedily pulled the bolt back on my Franchi Affinity three.five, ejected the duck round I had loaded in the gun, chambered a goose round, raised the gun, and fired. The complete sequence occurred in a matter of seconds. At the report, a single goose fell from the flock and into the marsh. Phantom happily created the retrieve. I was in a position to pull that shot off since the Franchi Affinity comes from the factory equipped with an oversized bolt deal with and bolt release button, each of which enabled me to speedily swap a duck load for a goose load. The new Affinity Elite comes with an even bigger Confident Cycle bolt release button.

This Browning Wicked Wing features a larger charging handle to make it easier to operate while wearing gloves.

This Browning Wicked Wing characteristics a bigger charging deal with to make it much easier to operate though wearing gloves. (Browning/)

Yet another semi-auto that comes with bigger controls straight from the factory is Winchester’s SX4, which has an oversized bolt deal with, bolt release, and security button. Fabarm’s XLR5 Waterfowler and Mossberg’s 930/935 Pro-Series Waterfowl models have some of the biggest bolt handles discovered on factory guns. Benelli’s new SBE three Overall performance Shop Waterfowl, Browning’s Wicked Wing A5 and Maxus, and Remington’s Versa Max and V3 Waterfowl Pro are all equipped with bigger-than-typical bolt handles and release buttons as aspect of their upgraded packages.

Sturdy Finishes

Duck guns take a lot of abuse. Inclement climate, rough boat rides, metal-sided blinds, and wet dogs all take their toll. The most typical dilemma a waterfowling shotgun faces is rust. Camouflage finishes do a fantastic job of guarding metal surfaces from rust, but regrettably they normally fade, chip, or put on off. For hardcore hunters, Cerakote might be the answer.

Cerakote is a tough, ceramic-primarily based coating that is applied to metal surfaces to make them extra sturdy. Cerakote resists corrosion and scratches, producing metal virtually impervious to the components. Plus, it can be dyed in a assortment of colors to give the firearm a exceptional look or give a dull, earth-toned finish. For marsh guns, Cerakote is the new camo.

This Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter features a Cerakoted receiver and barrel.

This Winchester SX4 Hybrid Hunter characteristics a Cerakoted receiver and barrel. (Winchester/)

“Cerakote not only appears fantastic, but it adds life to your guns by guarding the metal from rust and anything else,” says Rob Roberts, owner of Rob Roberts Custom Gun Operates in Batesville, AR. “It does what it says it does.” Roberts’ gunsmithing corporation has eight personnel who do practically nothing but Cerakote guns all day just about every day and nevertheless cannot maintain up with the demand for this difficult finish.

As a baked-on, ceramic-primarily based coating, Cerakote is a lot tougher than thin-film camo applications or even phosphoric acid-primarily based Parkerizing. Plus, Cerakote can be applied to a wider assortment of metal surfaces than Parkerizing. As for rust resistance, there’s no comparison in between Cerakote and standard bluing. Though bluing appears good, any person who’s ever owned a blued shotgun can attest that rust is a continual concern, specifically if the gun is subjected to any form of moisture.

This is why Cerakote is displaying up on the barrels and/or receivers of extra and extra specialty waterfowl shotguns, with most gun organizations now providing Cerakote on at least one particular of their models straight from the factory. It is normally paired with camo synthetic stocks and forearms to support the guns blend in and make them even extra impervious to water and corrosion.

Longer Forcing Cones

The forcing cone is the region of the bore just ahead of the chamber. Right here, there is a slight taper in between the chamber—which is bigger to accommodate shotshells—and the smaller sized diameter most important bore. In numerous shotguns, this taper is pretty sharp and quick, normally significantly less than an inch. Lengthening the forcing cone to a extra gradual two-, or even, 3-inch taper gives the shot column a significantly less abrupt transition into the most important bore, hopefully resulting in enhanced patterns.

According to Roberts, who does most of the enhancements on Benelli’s Overall performance Shop shotguns, there are two most important positive aspects of lengthening the forcing cone. “First, it assists make superior patterns by taking away some of the distortion from inside the barrel, which enables the shot to flow down the barrel and let the choke tube take more than from there. Second, it reduces felt recoil since you are taking away back stress and pushing it the other way.” Roberts also notes there are some velocity gains with longer forcing cones.

Longer Forcing Cones in Benellis like on this SBE 3 Performance Shop model are more noticeable because of their smaller bore diameters.

Longer Forcing Cones in Benellis like on this SBE three Overall performance Shop model are extra noticeable since of their smaller sized bore diameters. (Benelli/)

The positive aspects of forcing cone lengthening, each in terms of enhanced patterns and lowered felt recoil, are extra noticeable in barrels with common or slightly smaller sized internal bore diameters than in overbored barrels. For instance, Benelli bores have a tendency to be somewhat smaller sized than common bores, so any overall performance enhancement will be extra noticeable.

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Honed Internals

Maintaining the inside of your shotgun clean and rust no cost is even extra critical than taking care of the outdoors. Nevertheless, numerous gun suppliers overlook this important region of their scatterguns, focusing extra on the visible exterior rather than the hidden interior. That is a shame, since how a gun performs, specifically a semi-auto, starts on the inside.

Having said that, not just about every shotgun manufacturer has neglected the internal wellness of their semi-autos. Benelli’s Overall performance Shop waterfowl guns function a honed and polished action, which basically indicates numerous of the internal elements have been smoothed out to facilitate more rapidly cycling and comply with-up shots. Fabarm’s XLR5 has a PVD coated bolt to resist corrosion.

Mossberg uses a Boron-nitride coating to keep their 930 Pro-Series Waterfowl shotguns running smoothly.

Mossberg utilizes a Boron-nitride coating to maintain their 930 Pro-Series Waterfowl shotguns operating smoothly. (Mossberg/)

Mossberg has taken internal care to a new level in its 930 and 935 Pro-Series Waterfowl semi-autos. Each function a boron-nitride coating on the gas piston, piston rings, magazine tube, hammer, sear, return spring plunger, and return spring tube. This coating not only prevents corrosion, it also tends to make post-hunt clean-up much easier and more rapidly.

Likewise, the return spring in the stock, an region that is regularly exposed to water, specifically in flooded timber, is stainless steel to resist rust. The bolt slide, shell cease, and elevator have all received added polishing to lessen friction and give rapidly comply with-up shots. In Maine final fall, I bagged my 1st drake black duck, hitting him 3 occasions in the air just before he hit the water in an try to anchor him so he wouldn’t be lost to the expansive bay. He wasn’t. The gun I was employing was a rapidly-cycling Mossberg 930 Pro.

Specialty Choke Tubes

Extended choke tubes have a tendency to pattern superior than these that match flush with the muzzle. That is since there’s a longer region inside the tube, referred to as the parallel section, which progressively constricts the shot column. It is basically the identical idea as a longer forcing one particular.

“By extending the choke, you generate a longer parallel or choke section which will throw tighter, denser patterns,” says Scott Carlson of Carlson’s Choke Tubes. “This is the largest plus of extended chokes.”

<a href="https://amzn.to/2O0wOcG" rel="nofollow" title="">Browning Goose Band Choke</a>

&lta href=”https://amzn.to/2O0wOcG” rel=”nofollow” title=””&gtBrowning Goose Band Choke&lt/a&gt (Browning/)

Extended chokes also support defend the muzzle, not only from tough non-toxic shot, but also from bumps and dings in the blind. “Extended chokes can also be removed with your fingers,” Carlson adds. “If a choke gets stuck due to rust, that extended portion gives leverage, producing removal a lot much easier.”

Carlson notes that constriction can be laser etched on that extended portion for swift choke identification with out removing the tube.

Regrettably, waterfowl shotguns are a bit behind the occasions. Not numerous come with extended chokes, but a handful of do. Benelli’s common SBE three comes with black, extended chokes, though the Overall performance Shop model comes with a set of Rob Roberts’ Triple Threat tubes. Franchi’s Affinity Elite also comes with extended waterfowl chokes, as does Remington’s Versa Max Waterfowl Pro. All 3 of Browning’s Wicked Wing models come with the company’s proprietary “Goose Band” chokes, the extended portion of which appears like a goose leg band. In addition to their exceptional appears, these chokes execute very effectively with non-toxic shot.

I am confident there are other models that come with factory extended chokes, but they are in the minority. Luckily, there are a slew of aftermarket organizations that make waterfowl-precise choke tubes, such as Carlson’s Cremator, Kick’s Higher Flyer, Muller’s H20, Briley’s new Helix Hunter, and a bunch of possibilities from Patternmaster.

Upgrading to an aftermarket choke is one particular of the simplest and extra economical strategies to strengthen your shotgun’s overall performance. Ideal of all, numerous of these chokes permit the use of tighter constrictions than typical to be employed with steel shot due to their superior, stainless steel craftsmanship. For instance, alternatively of employing IC or modified with big steel shot, an aftermarket tube in IM or even light complete can normally be employed alternatively, extending the helpful variety by numerous yards.


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