Hardcore Recoveries for much less than you’d think!




We all romanticize about hardcore 4WD videos, where experts take reasonably modified 4WD’s and take them through seemingly extreme sections of bush track where wheels lift up off the ground, mud is flung, and crawling up and down small cliffs. Whilst this seems like something that anyone can do, it does take a fair bit of preparation and fairly detailed knowledge on the subject of taking a roadworthy vehicle on some gnarly tracks!

After all, if you are running a daily driver vehicle, you may want to avoid modifications that essentially void your everyday requirements for a once in a year trip!

For this reason excessive amounts of lift (50mm and more) and going many tire sizes up (running 37” tyres) can essentially decrease the everyday practicality and make the daily driver/commuter/family car into a weekend only truck.

To make sure you keep your everyday practicality as well as getting the most out of your 4WD when you are on the tracks is the acceptance that you are going to get stuck and having a plan for getting your 4WD free efficiently and easily will be not only a way to improve your experience when you head out, but also to make sure your 4WD complies with local laws and regulations.

Our favourite way to get our relatively stock standard vehicles free is by fitting a reliable 12,000lb winch like the Domin8r Xtreme 12,000lb Winch, this Brand new INDUSTRY SHAKER is perfect for pulling even the more agricultural style 4WDs free from thick mud or up steep hills and rock steps.

The Domin8r Xtreme 12,000lb Winch features, a 26m U.H.M.W.P.E. cable which is rated to pull an impressive 5443kg of force, this can be extended with multiple runs of cable. Additionally the Domin8r Xtreme includes wired and wireless function meaning you can simply press the button on the controller and spool in and out for solo recoveries in the bush.

With a 7.2Hp motor, there is plenty of power when you need it most!

No matter what anyone says, a winch is useless without a recovery kit, this is because your have a cable with a hook, but the bush will generally not have convenient loops to hook into exactly when and where you need them.

When you are setting up a 4WD recovery for your winch you will need only a handful of essentials, starting with a tree trunk protector and a recovery dampener, the tree trunk protector wraps around the tree to prevent it from being ringbarked, and will ensure your cable doesn’t get damaged, the importance of the dampener is to prevent any metal part failures from becoming projectiles in case of catastrophic failure.

If you want to get technical with nifty rigging setups for mechanical advantage then the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit is ideal, including a pulley block for doubling your pulling power, along with a winch extension strap, and even a snatch strap for bungee strap style Snatch recoveries.

The other essential for recoveries included in the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit is the Kwiky Tyre Deflator which can accurately and extremely quickly drop your tyres down to whatever pressure you need to gain an additional 200% surface contact meaning you have much more grip and allow your tyres to conform over the terrain resulting in a fantastic performance and easier recoveries in poor traction conditions.


To find out more about the ideal recovery equipment, head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au to see all the specifications, you can call us on 1800 88 39 64 for the latest deals or even head to one of our stores or approved dealers to grab a bargain today!