Yesterday (nicely, day just before yesterday), Component 3


I had a pair of complete-frame bodies with me at the zoo: A Nikon D700 and a Canon 5D Mark II. It wasn’t definitely a comparison, since they have been wearing incredibly distinct sorts of lenses. The Nikon had a 24-120mm “travel zoom” lens, a focal length variety great for a wide selection of shooting.

The Canon, on the other hand, was fitted with the 70-200mm f/two.8L zoom, a lens I’d been itching to play with at the zoo given that the day I got it…

For a pair of cameras that have not been cutting edge for a decade, they each did quite nicely, I assume.

All my zoo photography hence far has been with APS-C or smaller sized sensors, so as it turned out, I generally discovered myself wanting extra attain from the 70-200. It was so vibrant outdoors that even capturing flying water droplets from the grizzly was doable with out getting to resort to wide apertures, and I only produced use of the complete f/two.eight in the desert biome and snake exhibit. In retrospect, I ought to have brought along my 2X Extender, since the 140-400mm focal length would have completely complemented the other camera and getting the maximum aperture lowered to f/five.six would have been no handicap.


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