CA – OPINION – Dianne Feinstein to Republicans: Ban higher-capacity ammunition magazines suitable now



Final week,the Residence Judiciary Committee sophisticated a bill that would ban such ammunition magazines — the Preserve America Secure Act — along with bills to market so-referred to as red flag, or intense danger, laws, which preserve guns out of the hands of hazardous persons, and a bill that prevents these convicted of hate crimes from getting or owning weapons. All of this is popular-sense legislation, but I specifically want to concentrate on the Preserve America Secure Act it matches a provision in my most recent assault weapons ban, which I introduced in the Senate in January. The new ban would update the extremely successful Assault Weapons Ban I wrote in 1994, which sadly expired in 2004. Till we are capable to pass a new assault weapons ban, we must at least commence to dry up the provide of deadly firearm accessories readily available to the public, beginning with higher-capacity magazines. It is no mystery why shooters regularly pick higher-capacity magazines. Basically place, they outcome in much more carnage. When a shooter has a single magazine that holds 30, 50, even 100 rounds of ammunition, it is simple to just preserve firing.  [full article]