I&#8217ve had sufficient, and I just can&#8217t take any longer. So final week ITRH joined the #DeleteFacebook groundswell.

We&#8217re refocusing our energy on Twitter now and YouTube this fall.

Killing off Facebook was a hard decision, at initial. And there was internal resistance.

The platform applied to be a wonderful way to connect with listeners of the show. We could post episodes, memes, thoughts, associated news, and talk about them all with followers.

Most individuals are on Facebook and verify it incessantly. This produced it a lot much easier for ITRH listeners to comment on episodes and share their thoughts far more so than the internet site.

And it was an superb way for the ITRH Roving Horde Armada members to connect easily with 1 yet another. We even applied the events function heavily for scheduling and organizing all the month-to-month member events.

But Facebook generally creeped me out. My day job as a advertising and marketing consultant place me in touch with a taste of how invasive Facebook could be.

What most individuals don&#8217t know is how their actions and connects can be applied to target them. And they&#8217re not conscious of how substantially tracking takes place by Facebook by customers even when they&#8217re on other web-sites.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Then we come to troubles of audience attain&#8230

You place a lot of work into social media to create and nurture a following. In return, you&#8217re rewarded with an ever-increasing group of like-minded individuals who want to hear your message and share your passion.

And there&#8217s a lot in it for the social media platform as well. The far more entities like ITRH operating to nurturing and develop their audience, the far more sticky they develop into.

An individual not too long ago stated to me how really hard it was going to be for them to leave Facebook. They&#8217d constructed up a collection of wonderful homesteading, gardening, and other interest groups. When they exist Facebook they&#8217d be reduce off from these groups &#8211 Facebook had develop into extremely &#8220sticky&#8221 for this particular person.

Along comes throttling: Our posts are only shown to a percentage of followers. That is unless we post one thing viral or spend to market our post to our social media followers.

So we&#8217re left with two complications.

1st, a increasing concern more than invasive and shady information collection.

Second, an ever decreasing ROI for us to invest in Facebook. This was far more of an annoyance but did play a function in the choice.

For these factors, ITRH decided to #DeleteFacebook and move on. This incorporated eliminating the public web page and private Armada member&#8217s group.

The members are now happily chatting it up and connecting with our new snazzy Slack App workspace. Factors are a tad awkward as we find out to use the app, but we&#8217re having applied to the new digs swiftly.

As for public interaction, we&#8217re now focused on Twitter now and YouTube this fall, as previously talked about. Be certain to connect with us on each platforms and let&#8217s start out some tremendous new conversations.

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