Powdered milk + water to go more than cereal?



I’ve had an MRE item that was granola (with dehydrated blueberries, I consider) directions stated to add a tiny water “to taste”, and voila! — it was like consuming a bowl of cereal at property. Okay, a tiny extra watery than the cereal I consume at property, but seriously not all that terrible. Like 1 poster stated, it really is all about adjusting your expectations.

So I consider you could make some cereal packets in Ziplock bags…just measure out the cereal and what ever quantity of powdered milk that you would use for a bowl of cereal at property (i.e., 1/two cup) then when you are out in the field, just add 1/two cup of water and mix nicely. (And preserve your expectations realisitic…it IS powdered milk, following all!)

Also, FYI: A further poster recommended getting “boxes [of milk] that never have to be refrigerated”. Be advised, these are SOY milk — and quite unique certainly. Speak about needing to adjust your expectations! ;)