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ICON Shane Dorian Signature 5304

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Details:

  • 42mm 316L Brushed Stainless Steel Case with IP Black Plating
  • Unidirectional Rotating Timing Bezel
  • Screw Down Locking Crown
  • Screw Case Back
  • Black Dial
  • Thick Swiss SuperLuminova Lume Hands and Dial Numbers
  • Japan Quartz three Hand + Date Movement
  • K1 Hardened Mineral Crystal
  • 22mm Genuine NBR Rubber Strap with Signature Buckle and Effortless Alter On/Off Fingernail Pull Spring Pins
  • Black Rubber Strap comes on watch. Green is offered for separate acquire.
  • 200 Meters Water Resistant


My Story:

When I initial walked by the Time Ideas booth at summer time OR in Denver I was immediately hooked. The booth was paired up with the people from Swiss SuperLuminova and I was intrigued. I had the good pleasure of speaking to the lead watch designer Barry. He was knowledgeable to say the least, and he left me with the feeling that I required a Time Ideas watch.

Soon after the show I spent considerable time seeking at the Time Ideas collection and worked to discover a watch that match my life-style. Just when I believed I had identified a watch that would perform I was sent into a tailspin as I was introduced the to the ICON Shane Dorian Signature 5304. Admittedly I was not conscious of who Shane Dorian was or why I was getting urged to verify this watch out so I had to ask some queries. I identified out that Shane is a planet class large wave surfer and although that was impressive I was nonetheless not certain exactly where the connection was? I was then told that Shane was also a incredibly avid bowhunter and he wanted to make certain that component of his life was integrated in the ICON story. Now I was listening.

Soon after speaking to my TC speak to I decided that I required to catch up on Shane and what he stood for. Like most people today I went straight to google and began reading. Quickly I was listening to podcasts and extra normally than not getting myself shaking my head in agreement. Shane is a correct advocate for what bowhunting is meant to be. He is a realistic hunter and a properly-spoken advocate for fair chase. Though I know nothing at all of surfing I am properly versed in the language of bowhunting. Shane is also effectively fluent in that language and from what I can collect from interviews or podcasts Shane represents the fabric of a correct bowhunter. He has turn out to be a good asset to the bowhunting neighborhood by sharing his experiences and thoughts of the sport.

Now that I spoke about the ICON which prompted the name of this distinct watch I assume it is time to speak about the watch itself. So, lets jump into the characteristics beginning with water resistance. The ICON claims a 200M water resistance rating. This is far beyond the depth that even a season scuba diver would go. So it really should hold out for something an typical Joe would throw at it appropriate? I imply, Shane is a planet class surfing ICON so it have to be water worthy! I was prepared to test that out and I had just the spot to do so.

My mother has a summer time cabin on a lake in north central Washington which has fantastic visibility and numerous docks. I have extended believed about diving these dock to see what treasures I may discover. 2019 was to be my year and I was excited to use this chance to test the water resistance of my new watch. I knew that I would probably not be diving previous the 20 foot mark so I felt incredibly confident almost everything would be fine. Sadly this was not the case.

My max depth was only 19 feet for the complete dive and when I emerged from the water I was particularly disappointed to see that my watch was displaying indicators of water impregnation. The glass was fogged and the watch, in my eyes, had failed. I contacted TC and right after we talked about what had occurred they have been satisfied to send me a replacement. I was told that this was the initial failure they had ever had with this watch.

The cause for the failure was not clear but it could be that the timing adjustment knob was not screwed in entirely, even though I believed it was, and that permitted for seepage. In any case the watch was wet and when provided the likelihood to make issues appropriate Time Ideas stepped up and did so devoid of hesitation. I would be remiss to omit this from my overview and as a result it stands. I would also be remiss not to mention that my replacement has been by means of the very same testing at even extra intense depths and is holding powerful! Whether or not it was user error or a faulty watch the jury is out but in the finish issues have been created appropriate and I discover that the watch is great in the water!

The unidirectional timing bezel has been incredibly helpful. I have applied it for diving, cooking, timeouts for the little ones, operating and several other tasks. Though it is nothing at all extra than a timing piece that does what you could quickly do by seeking at the minute hand and a bit of basic math the bezel is good to have as it requires out the guess perform generating it not possible to neglect exactly where you began maintaining time. I like this function.

Let’s speak about comfort. Is this watch comfy to put on? The basic answer is yes’ish. Okay,  I know that is not seriously basic. Right here are a couple of of my smaller problems I initially identified. The watch has sharp edges. If you have smaller sized wrists, as I do, you might discover that when crossing your arms or other actions that place stress on the watch will result in the sharp edge of the ends of the watch to dig into your wrists. It is not horrible but I had to mention it.

In addition this watch is no feather. The weight of the watch requires some obtaining applied to but I have now identified it to be comfy and I miss it when it is off my wrist. Does this watch take some obtaining applied to? Definitely it does, but I have faith you will find out to like it as I have. The strap is incredibly comfy and functional with adequate adjustment for just about any one. I like that it can be changed out with the basic flick of a fingernail and demands no tools. There is seriously no area for improvement right here. I liken the watch to a new ring. At initial it may be bothersome but you will find out to like it.

The Swiss SuperLuminova Hands and Dial Numbers are freaking great! Each day life will give adequate lighting to this watch to give visibility even though even the darkest evening. I have had this watch for more than a month and I have by no means identified a time exactly where I could not clearly study the watch. The coating delivers readability at no expense to battery life which I see as a strong grand slam!

My final testing location was in the mountains of Eastern Washington. Each day I bathed the watch in the September sunshine and cool evening air. It was my companion more than numerous hours of several mornings and nights in my stand and on the ground. The elk woods named to us and we, the bowhunters of the planet, are powerless against their cries. Shane and I are component of a brotherhood and even though we have by no means met, and probably by no means will, I am constructive that we could speak for hours about mountain winds and the beasts that breathe that sweet thin air.

Shane and I each answer the get in touch with of the wilds and to really test a watch that holds his namesake I required to discover accomplishment in the sport we each like. Luck was with me on Friday Spetember 13th and with it came the finish of my overview period.

My finial thoughts on the Time Ideas ICON Shane Dorain 5304 watch are mainly constructive. There are some problems such as the water failure that will usually be in the back of my thoughts. I do not like the sharp edge that can occasionally dig into my wrists. The watch, like all issues, has some minor problems but as a complete it is great. It holds time particularly properly and is versatile. It is a attractive watch that can go from the workplace to a dinner celebration and into the field all in the very same day. Durability and functionality abound with characteristics like the bulletproof K1 Crystal which is certain to stay clear below even the toughest circumstances. I really think you will like this watch for the value.        

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What can be completed improved?

I do not know if the water failure I had was merely a fluke or user error, even though I can’t see what I would have completed differently. What ever the cause it was a bummer to have that concern. The new watch has performed flawlessly and I am assured by Time Ideas that my failure was the initial they had encountered. This leads me to think it was a total fluke and not probably to be an concern most will face. I have faith that this will not be a popular concern but I had to mention it. The only other transform I would like to see is a slight rounding of the sharp corners of the watch. This would only add to what is mainly a incredibly comfy watch. All round this is a good quality time piece that I assume is appropriately priced.


Note to Time Ideas,

I would like to see you add a bit extra of a story to your webpage about the ICON’s that you use for this line of watches. I think people today would like to study a bit extra about these good people devoid of obtaining to google search the names. Maintaining people on your web page is a win for you as properly as they might discover some thing else to get. As a sportsman and customer I assume it is vital to assistance these that share my passion for the outdoors. I would like to see you outline Shane’s dual passions for each surfing and bowhunting. A small banner at the top rated of the web page may be a good addition. Just my thoughts.

 Overall I have to ding the watch a star for the reason that of the water concern top me to give it a strong four stars. I would have gladly rated it at five had I not run into the water concern.   



Time Ideas ICON Shane Dorian Signature Watch

2019-09-16 21:07:39

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