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I am on the lookout for a new competitors handgun, and the “new” CZ Shadow two for Production/Carry Optics appears like the hottest decision at the moment.

As any volume shooter knows, hitting your target regularly is all about obtaining the most effective grip probable, and as I was performing industry analysis about which handgun to chose I stumbled on what appears like a fantastic item by a Slovenian corporation known as Armanov.

Armanov is mostly focused on competitors-associated shooting accessories for rifles (largely AR kind, but also other folks) and pistols. They also have a number of clever upgrades for Dillon reloading machines, and they look to be creating new stuff on practically a month-to-month basis.

Their new SpidErgo grips for CZ Shadow two and Shadow 1 pistols are “Created by shooters for shooters“. According to Armanov, they’re developed from the ground up for competitors shooting, nevertheless, they’re appropriate for a “working” gun as effectively (just get the black!)

They look aggressively patterned and ergonomically contoured for a firm and controlled grip. And they do not appear negative either.

Here’s how Armanov describes them:

Freshly developed, prime of the line 3D Spider Grips for your CZ Shadow competitors pistol created out of finest, most tough, aircraft grade aluminium.

Specific precision-machined texture, developed to preserve your hand tight in spot, will make confident you get the most out of your competitors efficiency. These 3D grips are what you have to have to avert any undesirable movement or sliding of your hand.

These lightweight grips match on your CZ shadow 1 or two and comes in one particular excellent size. Moreover you will not have to have any added screws, they assemble employing the original grip-screws supplied with your CZ grips.

They’re lightweight and sturdy, machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum block and anodized to 5 colors: black, blue, red, gold and silver. Shaped ergonomically to match your hand, not vice versa.

At the exact same time the back element of grips, the texture is smartly developed to position the internet of your hand as higher as probable, as speedy as probable.

New Spidergo grips for CZ Shadow two or Shadow 1

These are excellent for competitors guns, exactly where no compromises on manage and speed is accepted. We’re confident these are the ultimate grips For CZ Shadow pistols on the industry right now.


You can obtain additional info about the grips in the following hyperlink.

SpidErgo Pistol Grips for CZ Shadow two and SP01 (Direct hyperlink to US Shop right here)

The cost is 84,90 Euros or USD.

I haven’t ordered (but), but it appears Armanov have solved and integrated the Europe vs USA shops pretty effectively.

Beneath is a video with the grips “in motion”.

You can obtain some additional info right here:

As probable alternative would be the Armanov Pistol Grips MaXXXGrip Technologies.

Any comments from owners of the CZ Shadows – and other of course – is pretty welcome in the comments section beneath.


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