Days 31 – 34: Slackpacking, Sagittarians, and Smiling


Day 31: Highway 140 to Keno Road (Miles 1,773.four – 1,752.four)

Prior to we got on the trail currently I saw a post from A single Week on Facebook. A post I wouldn’t be capable to get off my thoughts for the rest of the day. He spoke about attempting to hopelessly come across himself, lost, feeling undeserving of the kindness folks have shown him, how his feelings are bullshit, and how badly he desires to find out peace and happiness. I relate strongly to his words. His hopelessness. Out right here attempting to come across some version of oneself you do not really feel you can find out in the “real” globe. Lost. Lost, a word I can not cease emitting, becoming, feeling. So lost in adulting. I’m not scared, just lost in the notion of my future. Lost in the bullshit of life. I commence considering about the word “deserve.” Questioning if humanity, as a complete, “deserves” something. I by no means really feel I deserve something, but I do say factors like, “I deserve this and that,” what ever the 1st globe bullshit might be. Starbucks, acquiring my nails completed, a automobile, a dog, a LOVER. Does not every person “deserve” like. But please inform me the qualifications for “deserving” one thing like like. Becoming a great individual? Define great. Deserve, all of a sudden, is becoming meaningless. Bullshit. Is he correct? It is all bullshit? Possibly that is just a cop out. But every thing is, quite significantly, bullshit! So ultimately, the search for peace and happiness! Two factors I’m convinced you do not find out, but you commit to. The much more you seek peace and happiness the additional you get. I’m lost out right here. Killing myself attempting to “find” one thing. Removing myself from as significantly of the bullshit as I can. Attempting to navigate my personal bullshit. I’m realizing you do not “find” shit in this globe. You either stumble upon it or you choose to just fucking do it. Make shit occur. This is not Survivor and I’m not in search of an immunity idol. This is the middle of fucking Oregon and I nevertheless have ~two,200 miles to stroll on the PCT. May as nicely give in with no providing up and just maintain walking.

Distance to the borders.

I can not cease considering about my like for Sagittarians. A lot of influential and meaningful folks in my life are Sagittarians. Two current additions are each A single Week and Oprah! I’m a Scorpio, but my moon sign is Pieces! You know, what ever that signifies. I’m earth and water. Grounded, but go with the flow. This mixture makes it possible for me to get along with Sags. Each and every time I meet a Sag I come to some new realization. Possibly that is why I appear to gather them. A single Week helped me comprehend you do not need to have to have a passion or a strategy to have a future. You can reside day to day with no becoming scared for your future. You can either be scared for tomorrow or accept what ever comes your way. You can strategy to hike the PCT in a single fucking week! Oprah study me. She study every person and led them to their core though remaining her genuine self. She is a single of a sort! A Sag I will by no means overlook and a buddy I will hold on to!

Lava rock.

We are seeing a lot of NOBO hikers. I like passing them and chatting for a tiny just before continuing the uphill endless hell. A couple stopped to ask me about the snow ahead. They have been section hikers who lived in Oregon. I began telling them about the craziness that has been my PCT journey. Us taking the junction on Devils Peak, the bee sting, the incorrect gear. I’m laughing the complete time I inform them. I come across it all humorous simply because why let that shit bother you. The wife ultimately says, “Well, at least you are nevertheless smilin’!” That is correct, I am! And I refuse to let this trail take my smile away. At the finish of the hike we decided that would be my trail name, Nevertheless SMILIN’!

Nevertheless Smilin’ just after a extended day of hiking.

Day 32: Keno Road to Highway 66 (Miles 1,752.four – 1,735.six)

Right now was a good day! Fairly boring. We are nevertheless slackpacking! Providing our bodies a break with no taking a complete zero day. I truly required a second to regroup. We only did 16.five miles currently, which is nevertheless a shit ton of miles, but 4 much less than yesterday! The only issue to report for currently was I saw a rattlesnake! I walked correct up on her! She’s a sassy females in my head. She speedily moved off the trail correct just before I just about stepped on her! I was so excited to see her, but she was acquiring prepared to essentially kill me as I was taking out my telephone for photos. I took two photos then I realized she was going to strike any minute. In the image beneath you can see her tail rattling! I was as well close for comfort! That joyous moment could have taken a turn really speedily! I like to consider if she bit me, I’d kill her and put on her about my neck so every person knows what’s up. But, 1) I’m not a killer and two) I totally lack the ability set required for that. Realistically she’d bite me, I’d scream and run, wishing I got it on video simply because I do have the ability set for that.

Rattlesnake in Southern Oregon.

Day 33: Highway 66 to Mount Ashland Ski Road (Miles 1,735.six – 1,711.six)

It is really good not carrying 30 pounds on my back, but I do not care for slackpacking significantly. I’m not motivated by the notion that my pack is lighter or that I’ll get to take a shower tonight. I nevertheless stroll the very same pace, my legs nevertheless really feel heavy, and it is nevertheless hot. No matter what temperature it is and how shaded the trail is, it is normally hot. I do like acquiring a great meal, but it is acquiring a tiny as well pricey. We are only undertaking a single much more day of slackpacking and then we are hiking out of Oregon, crossing the border into Northern California. When we get back into California it will be a lot tougher for Toby to get to us. We strategy on undertaking a 110-120 miles in a week, so I’ll most likely be missing these slackpacking days I hate so significantly.

Foggy morning in Southern Oregon.

Regardless of if you have a complete pack or not, 24 miles is 24 fucking miles! Right now was Extended! Stunning, but extended! Practically nothing fascinating occurs when all you are undertaking is hustling to get miles. I saw and photographed some quite components of the hike, but if you consider I stopped walking to capture these images you are mistaken. There was barely time for lunch! I wanted to finish this hike just before six:30 p.m., which did not occur! The final 5 miles of today’s hike have been all uphill. Steep uphill. Alongside mountain roads. Felt pointless to hike subsequent to a road. All I wanted to do was hitch a ride, but of course I just blew kisses to my swollen duck feet and waddled on. 

Llama crossing sign.

I completed my 24-mile hike about 7:3o p.m.! It felt wonderful. Like I achieved one thing only crazy athletes try. Twenty-4 miles in ten hours. I want my physique was as pleased as me. I’ve by no means required an ice bath much more. Increasing up a dancer, my physique knows discomfort. But dancer discomfort and hiker discomfort are two Quite distinctive factors. Dance is a higher intensity sport that I did for 3 to 4 hours a day max. Your physique gets sore, but in a really feel great, muscle creating sort of way. Thru-hiking, on the other hand, is a low-intensity sport that you do for 12 hours a day. The soreness I really feel is the most discomfort I’ve ever felt. I need to have to take 4 Ibuprofen just to go to sleep. It feels like my joints are ripped apart, my feet are broken, and my muscle tissues have provided up fully. My physique is confused by thru-hiking. You do not get employed to this. You do not push tougher simply because your physique is prepared to take on much more. You push tougher simply because thoughts more than matter. Due to the fact miles more than motor abilities! Due to the fact there’s a time limit to this objective and we are currently behind!

Day 34: Zero Day

Taking a zero currently was not the original strategy, but it is what required to occur. We are definitely wiped and we need to have to resupply just before we go on trail for a week. I’m prepared to get back on trail. Having on and off is tough mentally. It is just about tougher simply because you are nevertheless undertaking intense miles, acquiring off trail, going to dinner, going to bed previous hiker midnight (eight p.m.), and acquiring a late commence the subsequent day. It throws off the hiker flow we’ve been keeping. I’ll miss the RV, but it is time to get back to business enterprise and maintain a healthier routine.

Ashlandia poster.

When we resupplied we got to discover a tiny much more of Ashland. We have been staying right here for three.five days and like it. Ashland is a quaint town with weed farms EVERYWHERE. You drive on the highway and to your left are acres of marijuana. It is absolutely distinctive more than right here on the West Coast! We will be back in California as well quickly. I’ll miss Oregon! Hunting forward to coming back and hiking the northern portion of the state! Now let’s GO GET THESE MILES!

Caldera Brewery and Restaurant.

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