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Right here at Adventure Healthcare Kits, we’re all about adventure – it is in our name! But how do you define adventure? What tends to make an adventure an adventure? We began asking ourselves that query and have been shocked by the diverse answers we get from inside our personal group! We decided to delve a lot more deeply into what specifically tends to make up an adventure, defining adventure with your aid. But 1st, we began with the clear: what did Google have to say about it?

Adventure Per the Dictionary

Here’s how Merriam-Webster (the 1st Google outcome) defines “adventure“:

Adventure. Noun.

ad·​ven·​ture| əd-ˈven-chər

  1. an undertaking generally involving danger and unknown dangers the encountering of dangers
  2. an fascinating or outstanding expertise

This definition left us chomping at the bit hunting for a lot more – immediately after all, if you know about the five levels of entertaining, you know what some individuals see as unsafe or a danger is not intimidating to other individuals. What tends to make an expertise “exciting or remarkable”? With these inquiries in thoughts, we decided to ask the individuals who’s opinion we consider matters most: YOURS! As the adventurer, you know the secret components that come with each other in your great recipe for adventure.

Defining Adventure

Initially off, thank you to every person who answered our query: “What does ‘adventure’ imply to you?” – We loved seeing the answers! No two answers have been the identical, but as we study via them, we saw patterns starting to kind. So here’s our “recipe for adventure,” along with the definitions you offered that inspired it!

two Cups: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

An overwhelming theme that ran via your responses was the thought of leaving the regular, leaving your comfort zone. What this appears like varies individual to individual, but the definition of adventure as an expertise that requires you beyond the realm of comfort rang correct for us, as it rang correct for so numerous of you. Here’s some examples of answers you offered that expressed this thought.

climbers on steep scary slope

Adventure means…

  • Adventure implies discovering new paths to travel and undertaking some thing that even scares you a small. – Greg S.
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone, to challenge myself and to discover the stunning and gorgeous globe we reside in. – @kv4113
  • Acquiring out of your routine and comfort zone. The act of exploring new points or exploring old points with a new eye. – Mike R.
  • Acquiring out of your regular routine. Exploring new territory experiencing new points. – David S.
  • Acquiring out of your personal globe and enjoying even the smallest small issue that is new to you – Kelly M.
  • Carrying out some thing you wouldn’t commonly do, going out of your regular routine and possibly comfort zone. Does not generally have to be some thing that gets your adrenaline pumping, but some thing that at the finish tends to make you say “I’m glad I did that.” – Bill H.
  • Going the distance and undertaking some thing you have in no way accomplished. – Eugene G.
  • Carrying out points you have in no way attempted ahead of! – Tori B.
  • Carrying out some thing you haven’t accomplished ahead of. – Mike V.
  • Carrying out some thing new. – Laura K.
  • Leaving almost everything you know behind and braving the unknown! – @lj_oshea

1/two Cup: Unexplored Destinations

At times, traveling someplace new is all it requires to get you out of our comfort zone, but given that the two points are not mutually exclusive, we created certain to include things like the have to have to travel away from dwelling in our recipe. How far is far adequate? We’d say that is in the eye of the beholder. For some of you, someplace new may possibly be taking the time to discover your personal backyard, when other individuals could have to hop on a plane for a longer journey.

family in bamboo forest on international adventure

Adventure means…

  • Traveling to a new spot! – Brian M.
  • Exploring new terrain, new experiences. Treading exactly where you haven’t accomplished so ahead of. – Kimberly W.
  • Hiking someplace new or fishing on a lake. – Rob S.
  • Acquiring out and exploring points you have in no way observed ahead of. Spending that time either alone or sharing the adventure with household and good friends. – Chris H.
  • Seeing new sights and loving our country’s beauty. – Jessica W.
  • Leaving dwelling to make memories elsewhere. – Erik L.
  • A lot more globe to discover. – Bradley S.
  • Exploring some thing new! – @leah.rawdon
  • New locations, new faces – Echoball L.
  • Going someplace that brings a new sight, sound, talent, or expertise. – Chad M.

1 Cup: The Excellent Outdoors

So perhaps not all adventures have to be had outdoors… but your responses and our private opinion indicate that outside adventures are the finest ones! Verify out the responses under to see what we imply:

dad with child hiking adventure

Adventure means…

  • Acquiring outdoors. – Susan B.
  • Acquiring outdoors – implies fresh air and the sounds of nature with a hug of sunshine. – Susie B.
  • Walking about in the good northwest. – Wesley D.
  • Becoming in the wilderness or mountains. Off trail is what I choose. – Nathaniel M.
  • Exploring new, wondrous destinations in the good outdoors! – Aprile S.
  • Acquiring out of the residence and the city and wandering about in the wilderness – regardless of whether alone or with other individuals – and just seeing what is out there… – Kevin A.

1 Cup: The Folks You Take

We’ve focused a lot on place in the final handful of paragraphs, but adventure is not just about exactly where you go – it is also about who you are with. If you get that appropriate, a fantastic time is virtually assured.

couple camping

Adventure means…

  • Sharing the unknown, the wondrous, the stunning and the joy with the individual I appreciate. – Regina M.
  • Any outside activity with my four year old son and my 9 year old German Shepherd is an adventure!!!!!! – Susan S.
  • Seeing new locations with my boyz and husband. – @doodlebug4397
  • Acquiring away from the daily and a lot more importantly receiving these who do not go locations to go with you. Half the entertaining of adventure is seeing it in other individuals faces. – Jones F.
  • Exploring nature with good friends! – @beeratthesummit

1/two Cup: Pure Work

Regardless of whether you are pushing oneself physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, or any other of the “ly’s,” there’s a fantastic possibility your adventure is going to need a lot more than a small work. We will not say it is an precise scale, but usually the a lot more work invested, the a lot more rewarding the adventure turns out to be.

group hiking up steep slope

Adventure means…

  • Acquiring to see locations off the beaten path, locations only these prepared to place in the work get to see! – Todd N.
  • Initially, to sojourn with the globe and these that adventure with you. Second, a pushing of physical, emotional, and/or spiritual limits. Third, recognizing the stages of adventure… from the initial entry into the physical and emotional state, into the middle stage when adventure becomes familiar and closing with reflection upon that adventure. Final, recognition that adventure is not a binary challenge of achievement or failure, but as an alternative some thing to elevate my soul regardless of how my ego desires to judge the outcome of the adventure. – Brad C.
  • Creating an work to step outdoors your routine to expertise some thing that ends up enriching your life and possibly another’s.

two Tablespoons: The Suitable Mindset

Placing in all that work implies you have to have some thing else: the appropriate mindset to retain you going and retain you obtaining entertaining, as nicely as leave space for private development.

woman kayaking in mountains

Adventure means…

  • Seeing the globe from a diverse point of view – Bonnie S.
  • A mixture of physical exertion and mental stamina that is expected throughout the time frame encompassing the adventure. – @ashleighmcmurphy
  • Setting out with no expectations and getting open to discovery. – @ajbusse
  • Freeing your thoughts, physique, and soul of busy when simultaneously discovering them in peace!!! – Joey C.
  • Living in the moment with what is appropriate in front of you. No telephone. No electronics. Just getting with what is about you. – @adventures.lust
  • Acquiring out there to discover, appear at points, attempt to see old familiar points in a new light, getting with good friends, getting with myself, but actually just receiving out there and getting. – @maryjacksoncolorado
  • Searching for discomfort and picking to be mindful of your choices. It implies new experiences and accepting the ups and downs of life. – Mary B.
  • Enriching your top quality of life. – Chairle B.
  • Breaking from the norm of daily life and feeding your wild side. – Malachi L.

1 Teaspoon: Memories Worth Sharing

Is it genuinely an adventure if you do not have a handful of stories to inform? Our believed is likely not…

group jumping for joy

Adventure means…

  • To go someplace new and expertise it. Go far and totally emerge oneself into that moment and be certain to have a story to inform when you come back. – Jackie A.
  • Excellent memories (and fantastic stories). – Shanna H.
  • Creating memories when getting in tune with my imagination when exploring the good outdoors. – Matthew S.
  • An endlessly altering horizon time slows down, and memories pile up. – @brchappin

A Dash of the Secret Ingredient: Unknown

What specifically calls us to adventure more than and more than once more? What drives us to leave our cozy residences and expend work, sweat, and in some cases tears in a strange spot? There will generally be a aspect of defining adventure we will not rather be in a position to capture with human words, but a handful of of you pointed towards the thought of some thing unexpected, some thing unknown that excites us.

Adventure means…

  • Something unknown! – Chris P.
  • Not recognizing specifically what’s about the bend. – @jcdelta840
  • Surprising and twisting and in some cases really hard and emotional but eventually brings good joy and hope. – @emyhairfield

So there’s our recipe – what do you consider? Let us know what adventure implies to you in the comments! Prior to we wrap this up, we have a single a lot more believed:

Adventure as a Way of life

We’ve been speaking about and defining adventure like it is a moment in time – a particular trip, hike, day, or week – but our expertise and your answers each know that does not have to be the case. Life is an adventure, or at least, we can decide on to reside life that way. So here’s to the adventure way of life!

family by camper

  • Adventure is freedom! – Mark B.
  • Adventure is exploring to the greatest heights! – Kalynneline C.
  • Adventure is a driving force, an aspiring quest for new and a way to escape. – @coloradodundee
  • Adventure is a journey of discovery via perseverance in which the circumstances are variable and uncertain. There is generally an element of danger to handle, but normally the higher the peril, the higher the adventure. – Dan H.
  • Adventure implies receiving off the beaten path, regardless of whether that consists of hiking the mountains or beginning off in a new profession field. – Anthony B.
  • Adventure implies undertaking what you appreciate more than and more than once more. – Michael S.
  • Adventure is receiving up every single day and generating some thing come about. I have four young young children, and we reside out in the middle of the wods. I commit my days teaching them almost everything I can about living off the land and how to make it in this globe. – Al C.
  • Adventure implies experiencing some thing new and diverse every single day. – Matthew B.
  • Exploring approaches to enrich your life. – @kenu_the_shiba


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