How to Maintain Your Hydration Packs & Bladders Clean


The time has come! The time to dust off that old plastic bladder we strap to our backs. The comfort of hauling a bag complete of water for consumption has been about for longer we can try to remember. The hydration packs and bladders are most surely a lifesaver. Nevertheless, there is one particular celebration pooper when it comes to this handy dandy tool. Bacteria: generally when bacteria is introduced to a closed-off and warm atmosphere, mold will quickly comply with.

In most circumstances, we overlook this when storing and employing our hydration bladder. A lot of persons do not even feel about this when they pull the old bag from storage. Had been going to aid you repair this concern one particular word at a time. Study on for your very best recommendations on How to maintain your hydration packs and bladders clean.

hydration pack and bladder cleaning
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Very first, we’re going to speak about one particular of the most significant elements of usage for a hydration bladder: storage. We all know you do not program to ride about with a water pack on your back 24/7. At some point, you are going to want to shop it and save it for later. How really should you do this? Most persons feel to just dump out the water and toss it in the closet for subsequent time. This is possibly the most overseen step in reusing your hydration bladders. Basically emptying it and sealing it up to let it sit will let bacteria to fester. When this occurs you could conveniently turn out to be sick if mold goes unnoticed ahead of your subsequent use. Very first and foremost, dry it out. Dump the water out and hang it upside down to let it dry out.

CLEANING Approaches

We recommend carrying out this right after each use. It is not entirely important to clean it completely with soap and water each time you fill and empty it. Nevertheless, there is practically nothing incorrect with the notion of washing it out right after each couple of makes use of to aid cease the bacteria from developing inside the bladder. Some cleaning kits can be bought for such a job if you favor some thing produced particularly for the job, but once more, it is not entirely important. We do, even so, have a handful of procedures for cleaning that we feel you really should study into.

Based on the brand that you personal, you may possibly be capable to wash it in the dishwasher. We propose you do some of your personal investigation on this one particular. Nevertheless, this is plausible if you have the suitable sort of material. Basically turn the bag inside out and toss it on the top rated shelf of your dishwasher and let it do all the difficult function for you.

If your preparing on carrying out it the old style way, no worries we have that covered as well. There are several strategies to go about this and no way is primarily the “right way”. All that matters is the finish outcome. If you favor a technique other than hot soapy water then maintain on reading. We have listed under some household cleaning agents that are ideal for this sort of predicament.

CLEANING AGENT Choicesbaking soda for cleaning hydration pack  

  • Baking Soda– Sodium bicarbonate utilised in cooking, for cleaning, or in toothpaste. This is an all-goal powder that is most productive against odors.
  • Lemon Juice– The juice from lemons. This juice is slightly acidic with a pH of three. By basically adding a quarter cup of this to each liter of water you have a pretty productive cleaning agent. This also mixed with Baking Soda tends to make a effective mixture.
  • Reservoir Cleaning tablets– Uncomplicated, Quick and sweet. Just toss a tablet into your hydration program and it will do the rest. This is particularly produced to take away deposits in your bladder that for overtime.
  • Bleach– This effective chemical does it all. It kills viruses and bacteria on get in touch with. The concern with this is its potency. It only requires a handful of drops in your bag to do its job. Roughly two-five drops based on the size of the bladder will absolutely sanitize your program.
  • Denture tablets– This one particular is out there on the odd side but is pretty productive. Just like the Reservoir Tablets, toss these into your bag and let the science do the rest.

When you have utilised one particular of the above procedures for sanitation purposes your nearly there. To be thorough, your going to have to use your hands. When you have mixed the cleaning agent, let it sit and do its job. Some of the goods produced for this sort of job come with directions on the package. Usually, you have a wait time anyplace from five to 20 minutes based on the route you have taken to sanitize the bladder. Following you let the bladder sit for the recommended time limit, its time to get your hands dirty. Absolutely nothing like a small elbow grease to get the job carried out. We have listed under some tools we feel are beneficial for this portion of the cleaning approach.

CLEANING TOOLSbrush for cleaning

  • Cleaning brushes and pipe cleaners– obtaining a handful of of these on hand will aid you get all these difficult to attain locations.
  • Cord- by tying a knot in the cord roughly the size of the tubes inside diameter you now have an productive cleaning tool. Just make confident the cord is longer than the tube and pull it by way of.
  • Scrubbing pad- This is the most typical tool utilised mainly because most persons currently have them at property.


When you completely cleaned the hydration packs it comes down to the most significant portion of this entire approach. If you try to remember we discussed this at the starting of this weblog as it is by far the most significant portion – Storage! If you just seal it up and toss it into the closest storage closet your going to undo all your difficult function. Do not let the bacteria develop back. Dry it out! Under are just a handful of suggestions on how to aid you with this portion of the job.


  • Clothespins– use a handful of of these to hang the bladder up even though holding it open.
  • Kitchen Whisk– just slide this down the opening of the bladder permitting airflow to dry it out.
  • Paper towels– Stuff a handful of sheets of this into the bladder and let time do the rest as the paper towel will soak up all the water.


If you didn’t know, now you do! These are our very best recommendations for cleaning and sustaining your hydration packs. Do you have any suggestions we didn’t mention? Comment under so we can all remain informed.


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