September 19th, 2019

Hunting 101 — Stabilize Your Shooting Positions

USAMU Michael McPhail position hunting prone kneeling treestand
For hunters in a tree stand, SFC McPhail recommends a position with your weakside leg pulled up and firmly braced on the front rail of the treestand. You can then rest your help arm on your leg. This gives a rock-strong position when shooting from a stand.

USAMU Michael McPhail position hunting prone kneeling treestandGroup USA Olympian and ISSF Planet Cup Winner SFC Michael McPhail is 1 of the world’s finest smallbore rifle shooters. He is also an avid hunter, who enjoys harvesting game with centerfire rifles. In a USAMU video, McPhail shows how competitors shooting positions can be adapted for hunters. McPhail shows how properly-established positions can give a much more steady platform for hunters in the field. That can support make certain a effective hunt. McPhail demonstrates 3 positions: kneeling, supported prone, and sitting in a tree-stand.

Watch SFC McPhail Demonstrate Positions for Hunters (Very good Video):

USAMU Michael McPhail position hunting prone kneeling treestand

McPhail 1st demonstrates the kneeling position. Michael notes: “I like kneeling. It is a tiny bit of an below-utilized position, but it is just about as steady as prone. It makes it possible for you get up off the ground a tiny bit larger to [compensate for] vegetation. For kneeling get started by taking your non-dominant foot and place that towards the target, whilst at the identical time dropping down to a knee on the dominant leg. At the identical time … wrap the sling about wrist and fore-arm, lean slightly into the target and take the shot.”

USAMU Michael McPhail position hunting prone kneeling treestand

McPhail shows a good “field expedient” use of your backpack. He shows how the simple prone position can be adapted, applying the pack as a front rifle help. McPhail recommends pulling your dominant (strongside) leg forward, bent at the knee. According to Michael, this requires stress off the abdomen, assists minimizes heart beat effects, and assists with breathing.

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