Mammut Kento Light HS provides runners lightweight rain protection


Mammut Kento Light HS gives runners lightweight rain protection

On a current trail operating trip in Grand Teton National Park, the Mammut Kento Light HS Rain Shell was my go-to piece for the chilly morning begins and the afternoon rain showers. This versatile piece was best for these trail adventures, but I’ve also tested the Kento Light when hiking and mountain biking. It is very lightweight and compresses into a sack the size of my fist, all when keeping critical technical components. The Kento Light is waterproof (with a 100-% Polyurethane membrane) and nevertheless breathable, giving climate protection even inside its minimalist and compressible design and style.

Considering that the hood has a extra rigid structure than the rest of the jacket (as it is intentionally reinforced) this is the only piece of the shell that requires an added couple of moments to compress down. I was capable to immediately stuff the jacket in my operating vest immediately after I warmed up in the morning and then pull it back out once again when it began to rain on our afternoon descents, but I have also enjoyed working with the stow bag to make the packing volume even reduce. I hold the stow bag in the concealed chest pocket on the front of the jacket — the exact same spot I usually safe my telephone because this compartment has a water-repellent zipper.

There’s nothing at all complicated about the sophistication of the Mammut Kento Light HS Rain Shell, and that simplicity what tends to make it best for all forms of mountain adventures. Coming out in Spring 2020, this piece is meant to be a 3-season staple for outside recreation and a year-round go-to for travel.


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