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Hi guys, for a although now I have wanted a tidy knife and not have to spend the massive value tags that come with them so I decided to make a knife and also a gas propane forge from scrap metal (Stainless 316L, tube, sheet). I decided to fabricate this as I know it will not price me considerably and I currently have about 1.five metres of 4mm and 5mm O1 tool steel.

Also to add I’ve usually wanted to potch about with a forge and have a go at generating a genuine knife, when I was younger I did not have the provisions to do so.

Anywhow the only things I have bought are as follows

Gas regulator £12
Hose clips £2.04
Ceramic wool £18
Refractory cement £12
Fire bricks £9.80

Also I did invest in excess wool, cement and bricks just in case.

Cannot wait to line it and fire it up, I currently have a knife I have blanked out for hardening as well[​IMG]


Cannot look to embed photos so right here is the hyperlink



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