The M18 Claymore Mine ⋆


The M18 claymore mine is perhaps not a household name but I would bet it is close to it now a days thanks to Hollywood , books and folks with hands on expertise in the population. The M18 is a command detonated mine that is directional. You set it up and aim it in the zone you want to blast to cover. When fired it projects about seven hundred 1eight-inch-diameter (three.2 mm) steel balls into the kill zone at three,937 ft/s . quite nasty. The impact variety is 50 yards with a max wounding variety supposedly out to about 250 yards.

I would argue it came to fame for the duration of the war in Vietnam exactly where it was quite successful.

My Dad was a Vietnam war vet and told me a story about the Claymore that is quite impressive. A single evening whilst on watch with one more soldier watching outward, a NVA soldier had crawled close to the razor wire and was about to choose up one particular of the claymore and turn it about to face back into the American line. Dad was beside the other guy who had the detonator. Dad mentioned as soon as the communist grabbed the claymore with each hands and lifted from the ground, the other guy hit the clacker. The mine went off when about five inches from the communists face.

Just after sun up, Dad and a handful of other went out to inspect the remains and report back. The attempted trickster was a giant red smear. There was an unexpected bonus although. He had a companion a handful of yards beyond him who had been watching him from behind a fallen log. He should have just had his head up adequate to see more than the log when the mine went off. Dad mentioned it looked like some one particular had taken a sword and sliced the major of his head off from the bridge of the nose up. A single of the other soldiers puked when Dad pointed out the exposed brains looked like scrambled eggs with ketchup. Dad was a enormous fan of the Claymore. So considerably so that he had to have his personal. That is what you are hunting at in these photographs.

Numerous books written about Vietnam by veterans inform stories about how successful the m18 was. I do not doubt there are extra than a handful of stories about it from the ongoing forever wars.

The mine comes with every thing you have to have in the handy M7 bandoleer “Claymore Bag.” You get the electrical hand held firing device, or as Dad referred to as it, the” clacker”, which in Vietnam needed three squeezes to get the preferred outcome. You get the legs to stick the mine in the ground and point it. You get the electrical wire for the firing device to the mine and a device to test the firing device to make positive it operates.

It all packs up into the bag nicely. The flap even has instruction on how to use the mine printed on water proof fabric. Mainly because its the military.

“Don’t point it at yourself”

I have no expertise with one particular other than this one particular which sadly does not operate. I’m positive Kevin ( Hognose) would have lots to say about them if he have been nevertheless with us. Dad told a handful of stories about them and how some of the locals would steal the C4 out of them to use as a fire fuel but his interest in the extra technical minutia of the mine was non-existent. Perhaps Howard got to use one particular against the haji or fellow Marines and will chime in.

The style is quite preferred due to the fact of its effectiveness and becoming command detonated. I supposed it tends to make the hippies of the globe really feel much better considering the fact that it is unlikely a kid could accidentally step on it like older stress mines. As far as I can inform about 20 nations use or create their personal copy of it,. Which includes Vietnam. When guys you utilised to blow up with it are impressed adequate to adopt it, you know you had a winner.


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