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Comparatively new to this platform and brand spankin’ new to this subreddit. Believed I would share a time-lapse of my most current Bushcraft Camp Construct. This is a pretty baseline camp completed with vintage/regular bushcraft gear such as the 10 C’s. My principal 3 tools had been my custom puukko that I made and produced, a silky saw, and a Council Tool Velvicut hatchet. I produced my take on a Foresters Tent with a Tentsmiths Oilskin Tarp (8′ x 8′). The shelter has a pretty exceptional buckling program that worked out genuinely effectively.

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However, that program is not detailed pretty effectively in the time-lapse, but is covered in detail in a fire episode for the series this is meant to introduce. The hyperlink under will take you to the time-lapse on my channel. Hope you love it and appear forward to some discussion on the Foresters tent and regular gear!

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