Versatile solar panels – the way forward!


Say goodbye to fragile challenging solar panels, and hello to Adventure Kings new variety of versatile solar panels!

Solar technologies has been touted as the way forward for all of mankind, with the potential to harness the effective UV rays absolutely free from the sun, with a lot more and a lot more investment into the technologies, the availability to be totally off grid is one thing we all need, and if you didn’t you possibly wouldn’t be reading this.

In current years the technologies we use for solar energy has jumped ahead in leaps and bounds, the most current update to solar is the brand new and particularly economical semi-versatile solar panels, these are developed to be mounted straight to challenging major canopies, challenging canopy roof major tents and even on the roof of caravans and camper trailers. The most current release in the Adventure Kings Solar Panel variety is engineered to withstand salt  water environments and not degrade or corrode like comparable units on the market place, this is due to its totally IP67 rated junction boxes, moreover the panel itself is created from ETFE a extremely versatile and corrosion resistant polymer, this makes it possible for the semi versatile solar panel variety to be bent a total of 30° which is enormous contemplating regular panels can not flex AT ALL!

The flexibility of the panels is not the only useful function of the new semi versatile panel, 1 of the further rewards is the low profile of the setup, as the ETFE is the structure of the panel, it indicates that as opposed to regular style panels you do not demand an extruded aluminium frame to help the panel, this indicates the panel is mountable on areas that present to the wind and would build drag iand cut down a cars fuel economy.

The functionality of the panels is absolutely nothing to be scoffed at either, to evaluate apples and apples, the 160W Solar Panel and the 160W semi-Versatile panel each give 160w of charging energy, this is equivalent to eight.7 amps of charging energy on the other hand the largest distinction among the two is the 60mm distinction in width among the 160W folding panel, and the Semi flexi assortment.

So along with the low profile for decreased drag, in permanently mounted applications the equivalent outputs as nicely as the flexibility tends to make the 160W semi-versatile solar panels 1 of the finest upgrade for a camping rig that you could pick out.

Each and every solar panel outputs a variable output based on the sunlight that is readily available, this is exactly where a solar regulator comes in handy. The native output of a solar panel will usually be up about 20v typically this is far also higher for a cars 12v battery setup, a solar regulators job is to cut down the voltage down to a a great deal a lot more manageable voltage for your setup which is a lot more about 13.5v.

Distinct circumstances demand a distinct setup, and distinct energy requires will have to have a lot more or significantly less solar.

To locate out a lot more about the substantial variety of 12v accessories you can stop by get in touch with us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into 1 of our showrooms to touch and really feel the goods in particular person and to safe the finest feasible deal on your new camping gear!


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