Water Purification Technique: The Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS)


Locate out extra about the SODIS water purification technique and get a contemporary but sensible way to get protected drinking water.

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  1. Understanding Methods to Purify Water for Survival Is Very important
  2. Introducing the SODIS Water Purification Technique
  3. How to Purify Water with SODIS 
    1. Choose Your Container
    2. Verify Water for Clarity
    3. Filter the Water If Unclear
    4. Choose the Proper Spot

SODIS: Contemporary Water Purification Technique for Survival

Understanding Methods to Purify Water for Survival Is Very important

Water purification is a really handy talent to have in your back pocket. Out in the wild, you will need to have it for certain.

The water you discover in the wilderness may possibly be unsafe with illness-causing bacteria.

Tap water is also not generally protected to drink at residence often. This is evident in properly-documented incidents of water contamination.

This element is so essential to our survival, regardless of our circumstance, which implies clean water is a have to. As a result we need to have to know many if not all techniques to purify water.

Be it water purification systems for camping or water purification systems for residence, you need to have to know extra for your survival.

Introducing the SODIS Water Purification Technique


SODIS, or solar ultraviolet water disinfection, is one particular of our favored emergency water purification systems. It is a transportable water purification technique which utilizes solar power or UV-radiation to disinfect contaminated water.

For the duration of its time in the sun, the UV-radiation kills off dangerous germs and diarrhea-causing bacteria. It really is also easy given that it is a type of transportable water filtration technique.

In spite of the fancy acronym, this water purification technique is basically very simple and performs for absolutely free. All it demands to purify water is a bottle, sunlight, and a tiny time.

How to Purify Water with SODIS 

This water purification strategy is very simple, but also really tedious with the components utilised. Right here are the methods to this water purification strategy with suggestions to do it the correct way:

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1. Choose Your Container


Working with a clear or light blue bottle is a have to each plastic and glasswork wonderful. You may possibly also potentially use a plastic water bag, such as a Ziploc.

Do not use a container extra than 3 liters for the reason that this water purification technique only performs with relatively smaller containers. Your water container have to also be really clear and absolutely free of scratches.

The water clarity wants to be clear, as properly. If you have a scratched bottle or murky water, the sun can not penetrate by means of the bottle of water.

two. Verify Water for Clarity


If you are not certain if the water is clear adequate, attempt peeking by means of the bottle then study a newspaper headline by means of the bottom of the bottle.

Even though you may possibly not have a newspaper handy, this is a very good tip to maintain in thoughts. If you do not think it could be clear adequate, then the water is in all probability not useable.

three. Filter the Water If Unclear


If the water is a tiny murky, you can attempt working with a thin cloth, such as a bandana, and filter the water by means of the cloth.


This will aid do away with some sediment or moss going into the water bottle.

four. Choose the Proper Spot


After your water bottle is complete, set it in direct sunlight for at least six hours. If there are half clouds or significantly less, you need to double the quantity of time to 12 hours.

If there are complete clouds, you need to let the water sit for two days. Be certain to choose a spot which will not get a lot of shade in the course of the day.

The bottle need to be in direct sunlight in the course of its exposure time. Come back later, and get pleasure from your clean drinking water.

This video from RedDog Fabrication will give you an additional thought for purifying big quantities of water working with the SODIS strategy:

Discover all techniques of procuring your self a protected drinking strategy in case of a survival circumstance with restricted sources.

This SODIS water purification strategy need to be on top rated of your list. It is very simple, viable, and simple sources or components to aid you are out there about you.

Would you contemplate this water purification strategy to get drinkable water? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section beneath!

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