Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evans Would ‘Buy Back” Guns


The rabidly anti0gun Milwaukee Journal, a Lee newspaper, says Wisconsin governor Tooonyyyy Evans is prepared to “buy back” Wisconsin resideent’s guns. As I pointed out earlier nowadays, scroll down for the post, gun handle has a terrible history in Wisconsin, driving the homicide price upp of .six murders per 100,000 in 119003 to as higher as5.two through the depression and from .9 in 1962. befpre tje gim cpmtrp fever stricl om 1963, to as higher as to four.eight per 100,000 population in four.eight per 100,000 in 19991.

Relaxing gun laws dropped the homicide price to as low as two.four in 2011. Regrettably, an additional gun handle drive has driven the murder price up to four.two in 2015, and a slight decline to 4…2 in 2016.http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/wicrime.htm

clearly, Wisconsin needss the crime ressulting from restrictive gun laws like Governor Evans wants a wants the proverbial “hole in the head.”


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