Your Hump Day Reading List for September 18, 2019


Hump Day Reading List

Welcome to your Hump Day Reading List! 

This is your refuge from the impersonal Google and FaceBook algorithms that appear to run our lives these days. Alternatively of a machine deciding what we see, I personally go out and appear for excellent articles that really have worth in the quest for higher individual and loved ones security.

From all of the articles that I come across, I weed out the “fake news” and these that do not have direct application to some aspect of preparedness. Then, to fight the expanding scourge of info overload, I distill almost everything down to what I think to be the 3 most helpful articles you can study suitable now, clarify the context of these articles, and determine any bias so you can trust what you study. 

It is a a lot more individual, a lot more targeted, and a lot more effective way to get the info you have to have!

Here’s what I’ve discovered for you this week:

This week in Defensive Coaching and Gear:

Revolver for residence defense? 

As you most likely know, I’m a massive fan of the double action revolver. I temper my enthusiasm for the wheelgun with the information that it is an effortless gun to shoot, but a complicated gun to shoot effectively. It is a superior option for these persons who are totally conscious of its each its positive aspects and its limitations.

Ralph Mroz says that we may possibly advantage from searching at some of its limitations as positives in a residence defense context. In his view, the heavy trigger and restricted ammunition capacity are not the difficulties they’re normally produced out to be, and he does an outstanding job of defending his position.

Even if you are not contemplating a revolver as a residence defense choice, you really should study the short article. He presents decidedly contrary opinions that nonetheless have some validity, and they could make you believe about residence defense a tiny differently. It is worth reading for that cause.

This week in Private Security and Safety:

Have you ever audited your residence safety?

Auditing your residence safety — systematically scrutinizing your residence and practices for recognized weaknesses — is a single of the a lot more useful items you can do to boost your security. But whilst it is effortless to advocate for the practice, it is challenging for an individual who is not an specialist in these matters to do. But currently I bring you enable!

This short article has a quite extensive checklist to enable you audit your personal residence safety. It lists the products and explains them concisely but completely, and it incorporates numerous non-clear weaknesses. I’m adding it to my preparedness arranging, and I encourage you to do so also!

This week in Preparedness and Overall health:

Storing canned meals: Most effective practices

For years I’ve been preaching the virtues of normal canned meals as a storage medium, as opposed to the specialized freeze-dried foods or MREs (military rations) some persons are fond of. Do not get me incorrect these items have their spot, specifically when meals wants to be transported, but at residence they’re each high priced and carry the threat of digestion difficulties when all of a sudden introduced into the diet program.

Canned foods that are frequently consumed and rotated are a significantly a lot more price-efficient remedy to lengthy-term meals storage. It is not just a matter of throwing a case of green beans on the shelf, nonetheless. To maximize each nutritional worth and palatability, it is vital to shop canned foods appropriately.

This short article provides an overview of how to make a canned meals stockpile usable for lengthy periods of time. It incorporates info on storage spaces, how to make storage accessible and rotatable, and info on environmental circumstances that extend the life of each commercially- and residence-canned foods.

– Grant Cunningham

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